Are there any flowers that start with the letter H?

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Flowers that start with H

There are a lot of flowers that start with H. From hydrangeas, hyacinths, hollyhock, hibiscus and Hellebore to Helleborus. These flowers bloom at different seasons and have different flower colors. Among the most common of these flowers include:

Hydrangea Flower

Hydrangeas are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and renowned flowers. The flower colors can be different and range from pink to blue. Within this color range, you will find all shades of colors including purple, lavender, and violet.

Are hydrangeas easy to take care of?

You will see the flower buds of the hydrangea plant early in the summer, and they bloom in the spring. Some bloom in late summer but they only do so when the temperatures are not so high. When the temperatures a very high, as in hot climate areas, the hydrangea plant will bloom in the fall instead.

Do hydrangeas like sun or shade?

Hydrangeas grow well in a shady environment with little sun and not too much shade. They also need moist and well-drained soil for them to blossom.

Which Hydrangeas Come Back Every Year?

Hydrangeas come back every year. They belong to the perennial class and only remain dormant during winter. At this time of the year, hydrangeas lose their leaves since they are deciduous and when the spring comes, they start growing actively.

It is not all the time that hydrangeas come back every year. At extreme cold temperatures, some hydrangeas may die hence not blossoming in the next season. This may be confused with annuals, especially in zones that experience extremely cold temperatures during the winter season.


When do hyacinths bloom?

Just like the hydrangeas, hyacinths are hardy perennial plants. They bloom from early to mid-spring. That is just once per year and with good care, the plant will again bloom in the following year and other subsequent years.

Hyacinths come in many varieties and with different colors. The popular colors for hyacinth flowers are pink, purple, rose, lavender, wine red, blue, and cream among others.

The most common hyacinth varieties are the Dutch hyacinth or Hyacinthus orientalis, the Red Hyacinths, Anna Marie Hyacinthus, and Gipsy Queen hyacinth among others.

Growing hyacinths in pots outside

Hyacinths grow best in full sun but can also do well in partial shade. They also need fertile, well-drained soil with moisture. Preferably, loamy soil with a pH of 6.0 – 7.0 is the best.

Hyacinth indoors
Should you deadhead hyacinths? Yes – after 12 weeks, cut of the dead brown flowers stalks. It’s called ‘dead-heading’.

Hibiscus flower

There are different varieties of hibiscus flowers. A common Texas shrub with purple flowers, Hibiscus blossom in well-drained moist soil, and full sun among other conditions. Their flowers are trumpet-shaped and brightly colored. Some of the examples of hibiscus flowers include the Rock Hibiscus, Rose in Sharon, Abelmosk, and the Giant Rose Mallow among others.

Hibiscus Facts

Overall, hibiscus flowers are categorized into:

  • Tropical hibiscus – the tropical hibiscus comes in a variety of colors and with glossy deep green leaves. Tropical hibiscuses are sensitive to changes in climatic conditions and they need extra care during winter just like most annuals do.
  • Hardy hibiscus – hardy hibiscus bear white, red, and pink among other colors. Their flowers are large and the plant can tolerate cold and dry climates. Examples include the Luna Rose, Disco Belle Pink, and Mocha Moon among others.
  • Perennial hibiscus – the hardy ones come with dull-colored and heart-shaped leaves. These types of hibiscus plants are tolerant to changes in climatic conditions. and can survive through seasons.

Hollyhock varieties

This plant belongs to the Mallow family of the hibiscus. It does well on soil with organic matter in it and full sun or in partial shade. Hollyhocks are biennial plants that die after flowering and hence do not come back each year.

The first year of their growth is on the expansion of their foliage, then their second year is the flowering year and after that, they die. The common Hollyhocks are the Alcea roses, Alcea setosa, and Alsea rosea. These varieties bear different flowers with colors ranging from yellow to purple.

How to grow hollyhocks

When it comes to the growing conditions, the hollyhocks need well-drained, rich, and moist soil. They can thrive in full sun. The soil should also have a pH of between 6 and 8, which is slightly acidic to neutral or alkaline.

The plant also needs protection from the winds since they grow high in size. Therefore, a support wall or trellis can help the plant during the windy season.

Infographic: 5 Flowers that start with H

5 Flowers that start with H
Infographic: 5 Flowers that start with H

Perennials That Start with H

Perennial plants are those that come back and bloom every year or season. It can be spring or summer depending on the plant variety. There are so many of them but the common ones include the Hellebore, Hypericum, Hebe flower, Helenium, Hydrangea, and Heliotrope among others as in the table below: 

Common nameBotanical nameGrowing conditions
HelleboreHelleborus spp.Needs partial or full shade, well-drained moist soil. Also, require a neutral or alkaline pH.
HypericumHypericum perforatumThey need well-drained and slightly acidic soil, full sun, or partial shade.
Hebe flowerHebe speciosaDoes well in full sun to partial shade, well-drained moist rich soil.
Helenium or sneezewort (Asteraceae family)Achillea ptarmicaNeeds full sun and well-drained fertile and humus-rich moist soil.
Helianthemum (Rose Rock)Helianthemum nummulariumThey need full sun and well-drained moderately fertile soil.
HydrangeaHydrangea macrophyllaThey grow well in partial shade, not too much shade or sun. Also need well-drained and moist soil.
HeliotropeHeliotropium arborescensThey need soil that is moist and rich in organic matter. Also thrives in full sun.
HeatherCalluna vulgarisNeeds acidic soil, full sun, or partial shade. Can also tolerate rocky or poor soil.
HyacinthsHyacinthus orientalisHyacinths need well-drained moist soil and thrive in full sun.

What is A Plant That Start with H?

There are so many plants that start with H. Just to list, it includes the Hardy impatiens, Heavenly Bamboo, Hebe Shrub, Hellebore, Hemlock tree, Hemp agrimony, Hepatica, Hibiscus bush, High Mallow, Hoary vervain, Hollow root, Heliotrope, Hooded pitcher plant, Hoptree, Horned violet, Horse crippler, and Hosta among others.

Each of these plants comes with different varieties and may need different conditions to grow. Also, they do flower in different seasons and with different flower colors.

Are there any H shaped flowers?

Unfortunately, h shaped flowers don’t exist, or they would make a great personalised gift. This why people create letter shapes like H with a variety of flowers.

Flower arrangement looking like and h
Delicate flowers shaped like an H

Plants that start with the letter H:

  • Hardy impatiens
  • Heavenly Bamboo
  • Hebe Shrub
  • Hellebore
  • Hemlock tree
  • Hemp agrimony
  • Hepatica
  • Hibiscus bush
  • High Mallow
  • Hoary vervain
  • Hollow root
  • Heliotrope
  • Hooded pitcher plant
  • Hoptree
  • Horned violet
  • Horse crippler
  • Hosta

Plants that start with H

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