Are there any silver flowers?

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Are there any silver flowers?

Silver flowers are rare but they do exist. Most of the silver flowers are ornamental plants with silver foliage such as Bluebeard which has silvery-blue green foliage, Dusty Miller scientifically known as Jacobaea maritima, which has silvery leaves, and Silver Brunia flower that actually has silver-gray flowers.

Are there any real grey flowers?

Grey flowers make one of the beautiful bouquets for different occasions. Though they are rare, grey flowers exist. Some of the examples of grey flowers include the Iris Fiorentina and Iris germanica nothovar, which is a light grey color.

Most grey flowers are those that have green foliage and also serve as ornamentals including but not limited to gray Santolina, and Desert Marigold among others.

Silver bedding plants

There exist a good number of silver bedding plants that you can use for your landscaping. If you want to have shades of silver, and perhaps different color blooms, some of these plants are all silver, some not pure silver, and may have flowers of a different color. These bedding plants include:

Silver bedding plantScientific nameGrowing conditions
Silver ragwortJacobaea maritimaAlso known as ‘Dusty Miller’ with grey-silver foliage and grows well in full sun, well-drained moist soil, and needs low water.
ArtemisiaArtemisia vulgarisDoes well in poor soil and low water, and needs 6 – 8 hours of direct sun and shade. Does not grow well in constantly wet soil.
Dichondra Silver FallsDichondra argenteaThey need full sun or partial shade, good soil, and low water. The roots do not need much water since they can rot.
LavenderLavandula angustifoliaWell-drained soil, full sun or at least 6 hours exposure, medium water, and warm conditions.
Curry plantHelichrysum italicumWell-drained soil, full sun to partial shade, moderate water, and warm temperatures.
Blue FescueFestuca glaucaWell-drained soil, 6 – 8 hours of direct sun, medium water, and cool summer. They do not need much water, however, since the roots may rot.
Helichrysum silverHelichrysum petiolareCan do well in poor soil with good drainage, full sun to partial shade, and also do well in well-drained soil with partial dryness.
Lambs earStachys byzantinaWell-drained organic-rich soil, full sun, and moderate water.
Buddleja Silver AnniversaryCrispa x loricataDoes well in dry to average soil with normal organic matter and full sun.

Infographic: 5 Silver Bedding Plants

  1. Silver Ragwort
  2. Artemisia
  3. Dichondra Silver Falls
  4. Curry Plant
  5. Blue Fescue
5 Silver Bedding Plants
5 Silver Bedding Plants

Plants with silver leaves and white flowers

Some of the plants that we have mentioned that have silver foliage do not necessarily have white flowers. Some of the few that have and perhaps we have not mentioned include the following:

  • Leontopodium nivale
  • Cerastium tomentosum
  • Snow-in-Summer (Cerastium tomentosum)

It is not easy to find a plant with silver leaves and white flowers since most of these silver-foliage plants do not bear flowers, and if they do, they could be of a different color.

Leontopodium nivale

This is a flowering mountain plant that grows in rocky limestone areas. It has silvery, hairy leaves and white flowers and is used for medicinal purposes to treat respiratory and abdominal diseases. The plant is non-toxic, and the leaves are arranged to form a star-like shape.

Cerastium tomentosum

Has silver-grey foliage and is an herbaceous plant that grows well in different conditions and blooms from May to June. The flowers of this plant are white and are short in stature. They are mostly found in rocky gardens and sunny areas.


Snow-in-Summer scientifically known as Cerastium tomentosum has silver foliage and small white flowers. They can grow in tough conditions such as between the cracks of stones, in rocky areas, and low humid areas. The plant also needs full sun to thrive.

Some of the other plants with silver leaves or foliage and white flowers just to mention include Athanasia pinnata, and Plecostachys serpyllifolia, among others.

What is Silver Brunia?

Are there any silver flowers?
Silver Brunia

Silver Brunia scientifically known as Brunia leavis is a cherry-like flower with silver-gray color. These flowers bloom in May and June and are not scented. Their ball-like shape makes them useful for occasions such as weddings and birthdays.

This plant also has numerous health benefits as it is used to treat most illnesses and infections. It is also a rare flower to find fresh since it only blooms once or twice a year.

For this plant to grow and bloom, it needs well-drained acidic soil, adequate water, and sun. If you are growing in pots, you should ensure that the pots have good drainage. If it becomes waterlogged, this plant can easily die.

Silver foliage plants

There are so many silver-foliage plants out there. These plants are usually planted as ornamentals in flowerbeds, and can also be mixed with colored flowers to bring the best appearance out of them. These silver foliage plants include but are not limited to:

  • Silver King Artemisia
  • Silver Mound Artemisia
  • Japanese Painted Fern
  • Wooly Thyme
  • Blue Fescue
  • Dianthus
  • Curry Plant
  • Silver Sage
  • Eryngium giganteum
  • Cynara cardunculus
  • Astelia chathamica
  • Blue Chalk Sticks
  • Cushion Bush
  • Bismarck nobilis

Silver plants for shade

Silver plants are useful in a variety of ways. They are for great decorative purposes, medicinal as used by traditional medicine, and are also useful for shade.

Athyrium Branford – is a painted fern with silver-grey foliage. This plant thrives on well-drained and moist soil, full to partial shade, and reaches 18 – 24 inches in height.

  • Brunnera Macrophylla – this is another silver plant that does well in a shade. It thrives in well-drained moist soil and is 18 – 24 inches tall. The silver heart-shaped foliage with green veins is what makes it different from other silver foliage plants.
  • Pulmonaria Trevi Fountain – this one does well in partial shade. It is one of the clump-forming perennials with silver -white foliage. The leaves of this plant are spear-shaped and look uniquely patterned with whitish edges.
  • Artemisia – this plant has a pleasant smell and does well in well-drained soil, in full sun or shade, and is good for decorations among other purposes. The feathery silver foliage is what defines this plant. It can go well with other colored flowers or garden ornamentals.

Some of the other silver-foliage plants that can thrive while on shade include the Russian sage, the Licorice, and Silver-leaved Poplar among others.

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