Top 10 types of Marigolds

What Are the Different Types of Marigolds? Marigolds are bright flowering annuals indigenous in Mexico and native to South America, tropical America, and southwestern North America. There are over 50 species of marigolds that grow globally. All marigolds fall into two broad categories: French marigolds (Tagetes patula) and African marigolds (Tagetes erecta). Other varieties include the dwarf and tall marigolds varieties.  …

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Are There Any Naturally Black Flowers?

Normally, black flowers do not exist in the floral world; most black-looking flowers are dark shades of red and purple. These dark blooms represent mystery, elegance, goodbye, and farewell. Black flowers possess negative vibes in a romantic relationship, so they are excellent for breakups.  Is There a Black Flower, or Is It Fantasy? A black flower is more of a fantasy than …

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What Are the Major Types of Orchid Plants?

Orchids are native to the tropical rainforests, although some varieties can thrive in the desert. They are about the largest group of flowering plants globally, with over 25,000 species. Most orchid species are adapted to grow in a typical garden under the right conditions. The major types of orchids.  Noble dendrobium orchid (Dendrobium) Slipper orchids …

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All about desert flowers (with names and pictures)

What Flowering Plants Grow in the Desert? It is easy to assume that no plants would survive in the desert due to the harsh climatic conditions. On the contrary, hundreds of drought-resistant flowering plants’ adaptations allow them to tolerate these difficult desert conditions. These plants range from trees, bushes and shrubs, succulents, and cacti. Most of them will remain dormant during …

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Flowers that start with K

Beautiful Flowers That Start With K  Did you know that various flowers start with K? Some of these blooms are perennial, meaning they come back every year after dormancy, while others are annual. Some of the annuals have a habit of dropping seeds, making them grow as regular perennials. While some are wildflowers, others are ideal for growing in your …

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9 Flowers for Japanese Gardens

Japanese gardens are a national treasure and reflect the traditional oriental way of contemplation and peace in all things. Otherwise known as Zen Gardens, it’s important to have the balance between form and color, choosing plants and flowers that provided contrast but also complement each other. This article suggests some flowers and plants suitable for …

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