10 Types of Jade Plants

How Many Types of Jade Plants Are There? There are more than 1400 varieties of jade plants on earth. While most of them are common, some are not only expensive but also hard to find. The common ones are about 200 types. These plants, also called money plants, dollar, or lucky plants, thrive in almost any indoor environment.  The various types that …

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10 Types of tropical rainforest plants

Tropical Rainforest Plants Adaptations Tropical rainforests experience extreme conditions in which plants cannot survive without special adaptations. The climate is consistent all year round, with 200 mm of rainfall a year and warm temperatures of about 28 degrees Celsius. The following adaptations enable plants to survive in these conditions.  Drip tip leaves- the leaves of these plants have …

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10 Types of Italian plants

What Are the Main Plants in Italy? The predominant plants in Italy are cultivated, with the lily being the most popular. The country’s vast farmland, over 25 million acres, supports various herbs, vegetables, and other common plants. Most of them contribute to the country’s staple foods, improving the lifestyle of the residents.  In addition to the food crops, the climate supports …

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Top 5 Types of Strawberry Plants

How Many Types of Strawberries Are There? There are different types of strawberries that are grown in various parts of the globe. The shape, size, and flavor of the fruits mainly distinguish the different varieties. Here are some of them. Day-neutral strawberry Day-neutral strawberry is an annual crop that keeps producing flowers and fruits throughout the season when the average temperature …

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10 Types of Olive Plants

How Many Varieties of Olive Trees Are There? There are many hundreds of olive trees in the world, but only about 150 of them are commonly cultivated for human consumption. All the olive varieties have different tastes due to various factors such as polyphenol content, climatic conditions, soil, and time of harvesting, among other factors.  The only visual distinguishing feature between olive …

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10 Types of Spanish plants

What Are the Native Plants of Spain? Spain is the second-largest country in southwestern Europe and is home to much stunning native flora and fauna that go as far as to attract tourists. The country experiences different climates, with the southern parts receiving warmer summers than the cooler regions in the north. It also has varying landscapes. These differences in climate …

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