Dark Brown Flowers Names and Pictures

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List of dark brown flowers with pictures
Are there any naturally brown flowers?

Brown Flower Names and Pictures

Some common examples of brown flowers include:

  • Daylilies
  • Angel Amber Kiss Pansy
  • Japanese Arisaema
  • Echibeckia ‘Summerina Brown’
  • Cattleya velutina
  • Chocolate Cosmos

Naturally Brown Flowers

There are so many brown flowers that exist in nature. Some come in shades of brown with other color shades while others like the brown tobacco have almost the entire parts of the flower in brown color.

Flowers like chrysanthemums, cymbidiums, brown orchids, and brown roses are some of the examples of naturally brown flowers. Brown fresh flowers are highly regarded and useful in various occasions to symbolize love, warmth, and nature in most cultures.

Video – Beautiful black and dark brown flowers

What type of flowers are brown?

List of brown flowers


Amber colored flowers of the Daylily
The very light brown Daylily

Daylilies are botanically known Hemerocallis spp. Daylilies come in different shades and colors. The brown daylily easily steals the show thanks to is rare shade of brown and distinct elegance. This flower comes as a result of crossbreeding. Other rusty flowers in this category include Sir Mod Red and Sweet Hot Chocolate.

Common Name Botanical Name Soil pH Range Soil Type Sunshine Growing Zones
Daylilies Hemerocallis spp. 6.0 – 7.0 Well-draining Full sun to partial shade 3-9


Angel Amber Kiss Pansy

Angel Amber Kiss Pansy has a brown flower
The biennial Angel Amber Kiss Pansy with golden-orange brown flowers

Scientifically known as Viola Cornuta, this brown flower is a biennial plant that blooms between April and July. The Angel Amber Kiss Pansy comes in other intriguing colors like golden-orange.

These flowers grow well in moist and well-drained soil conditions with full sun or partial shade. The plant also tolerates any soil type so long as it meets all other conditions. The beige-colored flowers bloom from early spring until late fall.

Angel Amber Kiss Pansy is globally offered as a gift aimed at brightening anyone’s mood and bring that elusive sense of calm.

Angel Amber Kiss Pansy
Common Name Botanical Name Soil pH Range Soil Type Sunshine Growing Zones
Angel Amber Kiss Pansy Viola x wittrockiana ‘Angel Amber Kiss’ 6.0 – 7.0 Well-draining, moist Partial sun to partial shade 4-9

Japanese Arisaema

Brown-purplish Japanese Arisaema flowers
Japanese Arisaema

Its scientific name is Arisaema sikokianum. Naturally growing in the Japan woodlands, the Japanese Arisaema comes from the aroid family. It’s purple-brown cloak-shaped flowers make excellent additions to transform any flower arrangement whether in a bouquet or a vase.

Japanese Arisaema
Common Name Botanical Name Soil pH Range Soil Type Sunshine Growing Zones
Japanese Arisaema Arisaema sikokianum 5.5 – 7.0 Moist, well-draining Partial shade to full shade 5-8

‘The Plant List’ Website

Echibeckia ‘Summerina Brown’

Summerina Brown
The cross-bred Summerina Brown had brown and orange blooms

The Summerina brown variety grows after crossbreeding the Echinacea and Rudbeckia flowers. They feature a unique blend of colors with dark brown petals and orange edges. The cone at the top usually features a deeper darker brown.

Echibeckia ‘Summerina Brown’
Common Name Botanical Name Soil pH Range Soil Type Sunshine Growing Zones
Echibeckia ‘Summerina Brown’ Echinacea x hybrida ‘Summerina Brown’ 6.0 – 7.0 Well-draining Full sun 4-9

Cattleya velutina

Coffee colored Cattleya velutina flower
Cattleya velutina

Scientifically known as Cattleya velutina. The conspicuous petals of this Brazil flower come in a brown-bronze shade and feature maroon or burgundy dots. Each flower has a bright protruding throat-like center that has purple stripes.

International Orchid Register

Cattleya Velutina
Common Name Botanical Name Soil pH Range Soil Type Sunshine Growing Zones
Cattleya Velutina Cattleya velutina 5.5 – 6.5 Well-draining, moist Bright, indirect light 11-12

Chocolate Cosmos

Chocolate Cosmos smells like cocolate
A dark brown chocolate cosmos flowers

The Chocolate cosmos is a perennial tuberous plant that is also scientifically known as Cosmos atrosanguineus chocamocha. It boasts velvety flowers that feature deep bronze-crimson brown shade. These flowers smell like chocolate and bloom from mid-summer up to fall.

Missouri Botanical Gardfen

Chocolate Cosmos
Common Name Botanical Name Soil pH Range Soil Type Sunshine Growing Zones
Chocolate Cosmos Cosmos atrosanguineus 6.0 – 7.0 Well-draining Full sun to partial shade 7-11

Infographic – Some common brown flowers

Plants with brown flowers
What are brown flowers?

What is the Darkest Flower?

The Black Petunia is the world’s darkest flower. Its velvety dark pigment is equally giving it an alluring dark color. Dark-colored flowers grow through tons of effort and conditions.

Black Petunia flowers with leaves
Black Petunia is very dark brown, almost black

Black Petunia plant require at least 6 hours sun exposure daily and slightly acidic soil for it to bloom.

Black Petunia
Common Name Botanical Name Soil pH Range Soil Type Sunshine Growing Zones
Black Petunia Petunia ‘Black’ 5.5 – 7.5 Well-draining Full sun 9-11

Brown Tobacco flower

Bronze Queen tobacco plant
Bronze Queen tobacco plant

The brown color of this plant endemic to the Andes, SouthAmerica, is much like the color of the earthen ground. It’s no wonder that Brown Tobacco can also mean something solid or strong. In the African culture, for example, brown flowers represent, status, wealth, spiritual purity, and serenity.

Bronze Queen (Nicotiana langsdorffii)
Common Name Botanical Name Soil pH Range Soil Type Sunshine Growing Zones
Bronze Queen Nicotiana langsdorffii 6.0 – 7.5 Well-draining Full sun to partial shade 10-11

Sweet Pea-Brown flower

Sweet Pea-Brown flowers have delicate petals
The light-tan coloring of the Sweet Pea-Brown flower

In other cultures, brown is likened to feelings of loneliness, isolation, and sadness. Probably because the majority of plants turn brown when they are dying, or if they aren’t receiving proper care and nutrition. In the Japanese culture, the brown sweet pea is used to decorate but can also be offered to loved ones in the event of injury or death.


Sweet Pea-Brown Flower
Common Name Botanical Name Soil pH Range Soil Type Sunshine Growing Zones
Sweet Pea-Brown Flower Lathyrus odoratus 6.0 – 7.0 Well-draining, fertile Full sun All

Brown Flower Meaning

Universally, brown flowers mean stability, warmth, dependability, nature, and practicality. Various shades of brown flowers accompany gifts like chocolate, bountiful harvest, a new pet, or a fall wedding celebration. 

What Does Brown Rose Mean?

Brown roses depict various meanings like love, appreciation, and friendship. Brown rose bouquets make excellent gifts for your trusted work colleague, partner, best friend, or treasured family member.

Brown roses grow naturally in the wild but are super rare to find. These flowers can also be offered in appreciation or as a congratulatory gift for someone who just got a promotion, graduated college or high school.

Brown Plants 

Common NameScientific NameBest Growing Conditions
Mountain cabbage treeCordyline indivisa-Blooms in late spring or at the beginning of summer. -Thrives in warm climates. -Requires well-drained soil. -Should be pruned in late winter.
Barberton daisy or Transvaal daisyGebera jamesonii -Blooms during early Summer to Fall. Needs to grow under the sun. -Thrives in well-drained soil. -Shelter from strong winds and frost during the cold season.
Kangaroo pawAnigozanthos flavidus-Blooms during late spring to Fall. -Needs Full sun. -Needs sandy, rich, well-drained and slightly acidic soil.
Slipper orchidPaphiopedilum insigne-Blooming time is from mid-Autumn to Spring. -Avoid direct sunlight and grow them under the shade. -Requires moist soil. -Does well in mild climate.
Painter’s palette or flamingo flowerAnthuriumandraeanum-Blooms all year round with new flowers showing every three months. -Grows well in bright areas but no direct sunlight. -Thrives in warm, humid climates. -Needs free draining soil that can hold a bit of moisture.
More brown plants

Do Brown Roses Exist?

Brown Rose petals
Brown Roses do exist

Brown roses exist. Toffee is the most popular rose color in the list of brown roses. Other brown rose varieties like Camel, Quicksand, Cappuccino, Combo, Caramel Antike, and Sahara make excellent choices for a bouquet. 

Rose flowers come in different shades and tints. There are over twelve different brown rose varieties that either fit into the dusty or muddy brown color palate. 

Brown roses still carry with them a distinct kind of beauty; one that is often associated with naturalness, elegance, maturity, and honesty.

Old Farmer’s Almanac

Brown Roses
Common Name Botanical Name Soil pH Range Soil Type Sunshine Growing Zones
Brown Roses Rosa sp. 6.0 – 7.0 Well-draining, fertile Full sun 4-10

How to Create a Brown Flower Bouquet

A bouquet of brown flowers - special occasion
How to make a dark brown flower bouquet

To make a brown flower bouquet, you need to have tools like the florist scissors, cello tape, string, cellophane, brown flowers and foliage, and thick brown paper and then follow the following steps:

  1. Cut and strip the flower stems to your desired length.
  2. Put your flowers into three same-sized bunches.
  3. Use a string to tie each bunch to secure it.
  4. Combine the three brown flower bunches.
  5. Tie and secure the entire bunch with a string.
  6. Cut the stems at the bottom so they are the same length.
  7. Secure the big bunch with cello tape.
  8. Then wrap in brown paper

A bouquet of brown flowers is the most sentimental way to express your love to someone special in your life and are also useful for different occasions.

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