Flowers That Start With B

Bleeding heart flower
The incredible Bleeding Heart with heart-shaped flowers looks just as its name suggests!

Perennial Flowers That Start With B

There are several flowers that start with the letter B, from stunning tropical blossoms to beautiful native wildflowers. Here is a list of perennial and annual flowers that begin with the letter B

  • Baby blue eyes (Nemophila menziesii)
  • Bachelor’s button flower(Centaurea cyanus)
  • Bells of Ireland (Moluccella laevis)
  • Blue lace flower (Trachymene coerulea)
  • Blue Marguerite daisy (Felicea amelloides)
  • Bird of paradise (Strelitzia sp.)
  • Bleeding heart (Dicentra sp.)
  • Bee Balm Flower (Monarda)
  • Balloon Flower (Platycodon grandiflorus)
  • Bush Violet (Browallia speciosa)

These flowers thrive under different environmental conditions and will grace the land with beauty in different seasons. 

Trees and Plants Beginning With B

There are many popular trees and plants that start with the letter B. some are wild hardwoods, and some are ideal for landscaping. Below are some trees and plants whose common names begin with the letter B. 

Ball Cactus (Parodia magnifica)

It is a small showy cactus that is easy to grow. The round shape is the origin of their name, and they grow 3 to 12 inches tall and 3 to 18 inches wide. They are average growers and can increase their height by about 4 inches every year. The edges have white spikes that gradually turn yellow-brown as they advance in age. Older plants continually produce blooms in various shades including pink, red, orange, and yellow. 

The following are favorable growing conditions and exciting facts about this plant. 

  • It thrives best in well-drained sandy soil with acidic pH
  • It appreciates full sun but can withstand partial shade
  • It blooms in summer
  • It flourishes in warm and dry climates, but it is more adapted to tolerate cold temperatures than other cacti. It can withstand temperatures around the freezing point as long as it remains dry.
  • You can boost their flowering by reducing watering and allowing them a cooling period during winter.

Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis)

It is an evergreen tree or shrub native to the Mediterranean region. It has deep, glossy green leaves with an oval shape and leathery texture. According to the seasonal weather, a bay laurel plant rotates between indoor and outdoor, but it appreciates outdoor heat more. The tree is slow-growing and increases only a few inches a year. The shrub is ideal for growing in containers. Please look at the following growing requirements and some interesting facts about this plant.

  • Its mature size is 10 to 60 inches tall and 5 to 20 feet wide. The container plants require pruning to 4 to 6 feet
  • It thrives in moderate, moist, well-drained garden soil or general potting mix ideal for potted plants. Its favorable pH is acidic to alkaline, from 4.5 to 8.3
  • It starts to blossom from late spring to early summer with pale yellow blossoms 
  • The leaves are excellent seasoning in cooking, but they are toxic to horses, cats, and dogs.

Bee Balm (Monarda “Mahogany”)

It is a deciduous shrub that attains a mature size of 5 to 10 feet in height and width and a native to eastern North America. It blossoms in May with yellowish-green flowers. Bee Balm grows well in dry to moist well-drained soil with 6.0 to 7.5 pH and exposure to partial shade or full sun. 

Wild Flowers Beginning With B

There are flowers to grace the land in every season, most of which start with the letter B. A wildflower is any flowering plant that is not genetically modified or manipulated. They do not need any human care or intervention to grow or bloom but will naturally flourish and bloom. Most of them are spring and summer bloomers. Below are some wildflowers beginning with the letter B.

  • Balsamroot flower (Balsamorhiza)
  • Barren Strawberry flower (Waldsteinia fragarioides)
  • Beautyberry flower (Callicarpa)
  • Birds Beak (Cordylanthus)
  • Beautiful Flax (Linum narbonense)
  • Black-veined white butterfly (Aporia crataegi)
  • Blue China Orchid (Cyanicula gemmate)
  • Blue Tinsel Lily (Calectasia grandiflora)

Video – Common flowers starting with the letter B

Plants and flowers beginning with B

Indoor Plants That Start With B

When looking for lovely plants to grow indoors and enjoy beautiful flowers in any season, you will find many that start with the letter B. some are perennial, while others are annual. So, before settling for the plant to grow indoors, look at these.

Common nameBotanical namePlant facts
Button FernPellaea rotundifoliaIt is a rhizome house plant with a mature size of 12 inches in height and width. It thrives in moist, well-drained loam soil with acidic pH and appreciates partial to full shade.  
Blushing PhilodendronPhilodendron erubescensIt thrives in consistently moist, well-drained soil with a slightly acidic pH of 5.0 to 6.0. It prefers bright but indirect sunlight, often called a partial shade. 
Bird Nest FernAsplenium nidusIt is an epiphyte plant meaning it grows on other plants. It requires high humidity content and indirect sun to thrive.
Baby Rubber PlantPeperomia obtusifoliaBaby rubber plant grows best in peat moss-based potting mixes like African violet mix and 18 to 24 degrees Celsius room temperature. It also requires average to high humidity and bright light that is not direct sun. 
Calathea rattlesnake plantCalathea lancifoliaIt attains a mature size of up to 2 feet in height in bright indirect sunlight exposure. It prefers high humidity and warm room temperature between 21 to 29 degrees Celsius. It thrives in a potting mix that is rich in peat. African violet potting mix is the best. Please do not fertilize the plant during winter.

Plants Beginning with B (UK)

UK is home to many native plants, with a considerable number of these plants starting with the letter B. Here is a list of some plants beginning with the letter B in the UK.

  • Blue lace flower (Trachymene coerulea)
  • Bramble (Rubus fructicosus)
  • Basil Thyme (Clinopodium acinos)
  • Beech fern (Phegopteris hexagonoptera)
  • Bermuda-grass (Cynodon dactylon)
  • Bird’s-eye Primrose (Primula farinosa)
  • Black Alpine-sedge (Carex nigricans)
  • Black Medick (Medicago lupulina)
  • Broad-leaved Cotton grass (Eriophorum latifolium)
  • Burnet-saxifrage (Pimpinella saxifrage)

Infographic – 3 top plants starting with B

Top plants beginning with letter B
3 plants starting with B

Tropical Plants That Start With B

Tropical plants come in many varieties, some of which start with the letter B. They grow in a tropical climate, hot, humid, and experience temperatures beyond 18 degrees Celsius, and there are no frost days.

Some tropical plants grow naturally without human manipulation, while there are those perfect for landscaping and others for indoor planting. If you want some for landscaping, you can either choose annuals or perennials. Here are some tropical plants starting with the letter B. 

  • Bird of paradise /crane flower (Strelitzia reginae, Strelitzia nicolai)
  • Blanket Flowers (Gaillardia)
  • Blood Lily (Scadoxus Multiflorus)
  • Blue Passion Flower (Passiflora Caerulea)
  • Bougainvillea Glabra (Bougainvillea glabra) – learn more about this plant here.
  • Banana plants (Musa)
  • Bucket Orchid (Coryanthes)

Other flowers and plants starting with B

Beardstongue (Penstemon digitalis)
Bush morning glory
Bighead knapweed
Bear’s Breeches (Canthus mollis)
Wild bergamot
Bethlehem sage (Pulmonaria saccharata)
Baby’s Breath (Gypsophila paniculata)
Bergenia Cordifolia (Winter Glow)
Viper’s Bugloss (Echium vulgare)
Black-eyed Susans
Eustoma grandiflorum (Bluebell Gentian)
Bride’s Bonnet (Clintonia uniflora)
Blazing stars
Begonia flowers

Frequently Asked Questions

There is much to learn about different varieties of plants, flowering, and non-flowering, annuals, and perennials that start with the letter B. 

What Is a Plant That Starts With B?

Barberry (Berberis thunbergia), also known as Japanese Barberry, is a woody shrub in various varieties. It has untoothed leaves that are slightly blue-green, green, or reddish-purple. It grows naturally in the wild but can be grown as an ornamental plant in a garden. Here are facts about this plant.

  • It is a low-maintenance plant that needs low to average watering to thrive
  • It grows best in moist, well-drained loam, clay, chalk, or sand with a neutral, acidic, or alkaline pH
  • It flourishes in full to partial sun exposure
  • It is resistant to dry soil, clay soil, drought, and deer
  • It is showy and attracts birds
  • It blooms in mid and late spring, all through summer to fall, and winter
  • It is ideal for beds and borders, hedges and screens
  • Ingesting it could lead to stomach upsets

What Are Trees That Start With B?

Are you searching for trees whose names begin with the letter B? Here are some of them. 


It is a hardwood tree in the same family as hazel, alder, and hornbeam, whose stem color varies according to different species. It is popular in the furniture industry, especially in making doors, beds, and cabinets.

Bird Cherry

The bird cherry is a small flowering tree native to Europe and Asia. The fruit of this tree is used for culinary purposes in some places like Siberia. It is a critical ingredient in baking bird-cherry cake.


It is the world’s fastest-growing plant; some species can grow 2.54 cm in 40 minutes. Bamboo produces excellent building materials, and the shoots are eaten as food.


It is native to India, a national tree, and considered holy. Indians build temples around this tree. It is an ideal shade tree due to its large size.

What Is a Flower Starting With B?

The balloon flower (Platycodon grandiflorus), also called the Chinese bellflower, is a low-maintenance perennial flowering plant that grows in full to partial sun. It thrives best in moist, well-drained loam soil with an acidic, alkaline, or neutral pH.

Its mature size is 30cm to 90cm tall and 30cm to 60cm wide. It is showy and tolerant to deer and is a summer bloomer. It is perfect for edging, patio, containers, beds, and borders.

A unique wildflower that starts with B is the Bumblebee Ophrys, which you can read more about in our Spanish Plants article.

What is an herbaceous flowering perennial plant?

The Bachelor’s Button flower is one of those herbaceous border plants belonging to the cornflower family.

What are Baby’s Breath flowers?

Baby’s breath blooms grow many tiny whire or pink flowers and are widely used as a bouquet filler.

What is the Blue lace flower?

The Sooth African Blue Lace flower gets its name from its delicate blue flower petals. It is widely used as decoration in the floral industry.

What is the floral industry?

The floral industry (floriculture) is everything connected with the growth, marketing and sale of flowers. Flowers were grown for mass markets beginning in the 19th century in UK.

What is a tropical evergreen plant?

Most tropical plants are evergreen, as the winters aren’t very cold at all. A typical example of a tropical evergreen plant is the Miracle Fruit of Western Africa.

What are blanket flowers?

Gaillardia from the sunflower family is known as the Blanket Flower

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Flowers That Start with B

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