Flowers That Start With J

Exquisite Jacaranda begins with letter JU
Jacaranda is a great example of a flower starting with the letter J

What Is a Flower That Starts With J?

The Jacaranda tree (Jacaranda mimosifolia) is a perennial that grows up to 20 inches long, 25-50 ft. tall, 15-30 ft. wide, and provides a perfect shade. It produces incredible purple and blue-purple flowers in spring and summer. 

It mainly grows in South America but is an invasive species in other parts. It thrives best in sandy and well-drained soil. Under the right conditions, it takes approximately eight years to mature and bloom. If the area is warm, it will bear flowers at any time. 

Despite its beauty, it has deep roots that compete with other plants. It also increases biodiversity in an area, and no other plants can grow beneath it.

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What Plants Starts With J?

Beautiful trees, flowers, and plants decorate the landscape anywhere you go. There are several plants that begin with the letter J. Some are perennial, while others are annual. Below are some examples.


It is a large, cylindrical, hooded flower, green in color with brown stripes. It grows beneath large leaves. Bright and red berries appear in them in late summer. It requires a lot of water and blossoms in moist and wet soil.


Jasmine blossoms - J flowers
J is for Jasmine

Jasmine plant has about 200 species of exotic fragrant flowered shrubs and vines of the olive family. Most of them have climbing branches. They are natives of tropical regions and, to some, temperate areas. Poet’s Jasmine, Japanese Jasmine, and Winter Jasmine are the most common.

Judas Tree (Cercis Siliquasrum)

It displays spectacular clusters of purplish flowers in spring. They look pretty on the tree and are good in salad

Below are some facts about the Judas Tree

  • It grows well in chalk, sand, clay, and loam sand that is well-drained with acidic, alkaline, or neutral pH.
  • It attracts butterflies
  • It grows to the height of 15-25 ft tall and a width of 15-25 ft.

Justicia Carnea (Brazilian plume)

Justicia - shrub beginning with letter J
Justicia shrub and flowers

The Justicia plant is an upright, evergreen shrub with large dark green leaves. It has pink flowers that are densely packed and attractive to hummingbirds. Blooms from early summer to fall. 

Here are some facts to know about this plant. 

  • They flourish well in partial sun exposure and some shade.
  • It thrives best in moist but well-drained soil. 
  • It grows to the height of 4-6 ft tall and width of 2-3 ft.
  • It requires an average amount of water to grow.

Juglans Nigra (Black Walnut)

Black walnut botanical name starts with J - Juglans Nigra
The distinctive leaves of Juglans Nigra

It is a tall deciduous tree with large oval to rounded branches that are widely spread. It grows mainly in riparian lands. It is in the walnut family. A tree takes 20 years to produce nuts if grown for nut production. 

Below are some of the facts about this tree

  • It grows well in full sun and moist, well-drained soil.
  • It produces male flowers in drooping catkins and female flowers in short terminal spikes.
  • It has a deep taproot making it difficult to transplant. 
  • It is native to the eastern united states.

Wild Flowers Beginning With J

Besides the common garden flowers, gorgeous wildflowers adorn the land with beauty in different seasons. Below are some of the wildflowers that begin with J. 

Jewel Weed (impatiens capensis)

Shrubs that starte with J - Jewel Weed
Yellow Jewel Weed flowers

It is a beautiful flowering plant, tall and leafy with golden orange blossoms. It is native to North America. 

Here are must-known facts about this flower;

  • It is perfect for areas that are shady, like ponds and streams.
  • Its seasons of interest are summer and fall.
  • It does very well in partial sun and wet soils and tolerates full shade.

Jacob’s Ladder (palemonium Caeruleum)

The leaves of this plant represent the ladder on which Jacob dreamt, and the angels climbed. It produces cup-shaped, deep blue flowers. 

Below are some facts about this flower

  • Its mature height is 1-2 ft. and a width of 1-2 ft.
  • It grows very well in average, medium, well-drained soil, in full sun and partial sun.
  • It is native to Europe and Asia.
  • It is ideal in gardens for beds and borders, coastal or city gardens. 

Japanese hydrangea vine (Schizophragma hydrangeoides)

Japanese Hydrangea beginning with letter J
Japanese Hydrangea

It is a woody, ornate climbing vine that grows against trees, fences, or walls. It is famous for its silvery green heart-shaped foliage. 

Below are some of the growing conditions of this wildflower

  • It grows in part sun to partial shade.
  • Grows in rich medium moisture, well-drained soil
  • A single plant eventually grows to 20-30 feet or wider.

Infographic – 5 top plants beginning with J

Unusual plants and flowers starting with J
Top 5 flowers that start with J

Girl flower Names That Start With J

When baby girls are born, they are always beautiful and bring joy. Many mothers give their baby girls flower names. Here are some of the blossoms that start with J.

  • Jasmine
  • Jacinta
  • Jewel
  • Julia
  • Jessamine
  • Jonquil

Flowers That Start with J in Spanish

Botanists give flowers scientific names besides the common ones for easier recognition. Here are some flowers that start with the letter J in Spanish. Others have specific names in particular languages other than English. 

  • Jazmín de noche (Night-blooming jasmine)
  • Jazmín (jasmine)
  • japón rosa (Japan rosa)
  • jonqui orange (Jonquis orange)
  • jonqui yellow (Jonquis amarilla)

Garden Plants Beginning With J

Different garden plants start with J. 

  • Jabarosa
  • Japanese Iris
  • Jerusalem Artichoke (sunroot)
  • Japanese Toad Lily
  • Japanese Anenome
  • Jasione 
  • Jatropha 
  • Jamesia 
  • Jovellana

House Plants That Start With J

  • The Jade plant (grassula argentea) 
  • Jelly beans 
  • Jessenia pothos 
  • Japanese aralia 
  • Jerusalem Cherry
  • Jancus corkscrew Rush
  • Janet Craig Dracaena

Other Things in the Garden Beginning With J


It is the early phase of a plant when it is growing. They don’t have flowers yet, and they vigorously increase in size.


They are weeds that emit toxic substances that kill certain plants near them. They inhibit and damage nearby plants. 


It can be a flowerpot or ornamental for flowers or plants. 

Jet steam sprayer

It has a single opening for producing sharp thin steam of water. 

Jiffy pallets

They are small compressed discs for germinating seeds and are in the form of mesh or nets. They can expand up to seven times if you put water in them.

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