How do you grow Crown Prince Pumpkin?

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Growing crown prince pumpkin requires soil that is rich in humus and well-drained. It is recommended to grow them in a sheltered and sunny place free of strong winds. This is because the leaves of the pumpkin are large and the wind may damage them if exposed.

Crown prince pumpkin growing

  1. Plant the seeds in pots and cover them for 5 – 8 days.
  2. Transfer to large pots when they are 2 – 3 leaves old.
  3. Harden the seedlings.
  4. Transplant in a well-prepared garden.
Crown prince pumpkin growing
Growing Crown Prince from seeds

To grow them, use small pots and place them vertically about 1cm deep into the container. Cover them with a polythene bag for about 5 – 8 days, that is when the seeds begin to germinate.

Transfer the seedlings to a 2L pots when the seedlings have 2 to 3 leaves. This is part of hardening the seedling before transplanting. Let them grow for some few weeks then transfer them to a well-prepared garden.

The best time to transplant the Crown prince pumpkin is mid-April to late May. During this time, dig large holes for each plant, 30cm square, and with spacing of 1 x 1.2 meters between plants and rows respectively.

When the holes are ready, fill them with compost manure and mix with soil. Cover the holes with a polythene bag to make the soil warm as you harden the seedlings. In 3 – 4 days, uncover and put the seedlings in the center of each hole as you spread the soil to cover each seedling properly.

After transplanting all the seedlings, you may also cover them to give them a shade as you water them before removing the shade. A well-hardened seedling may only require watering and not necessarily shading with polythene cover.

Video – Crown Prince Squash growing vertically

Tips for growing Crown Prince pumpkins vertically

Crown prince pumpkin growing conditions

Soil typeWell-drained soil, rich in humus.
Temperature68 degrees F.
When to sow indoorsEarly April to May
When to sow outdoorsLate May to June
Plant spacing1.2m
Germination time7 – 10 days
Planting positionSun
Cover seedsYes

Crown prince pumpkin seeds

The Crown Prince pumpkin seeds come in sachets with countable number of seeds. They are sold by many vendors online and are easy to find. The seeds labelling is Squash Crown Prince F1, and are affordable to buy.

If you want to buy, you should check out for reliable sellers where you can place your order and get them delivered to you. These pumpkins are propagated only by seeds and not by cuttings.

How do you know when Crown Prince squash is ripe?

When Crown Prince squash is ripe, the plant dies down. That happens before the frost. It is also easy to know when this pumpkin is ripe by checking the size, the color of the skin, and by knocking and hearing if there is a hollow sound produced.

You can also use the time from planting to harvesting time to estimate. It takes 105 days for Crown Prince squash to mature. That means, you can check if they are ripe around that time.

A mature crown prince pumpkin will also develop a hard outer shell that turns silver bluish to bluish gray. Of course, there are varieties of colors but they all look similar and the colors are not far from each other.

What does Crown Prince pumpkin taste like?
Is Crown Prince good to eat?

Crown prince pumpkin taste – what is it like?

The Crown prince pumpkin tastes delicious with honey sweet and nutty flavor. With the sweet nutty flavor, you can incorporate it into other dishes or mash it and take as a side dish. To get a perfect taste of this pumpkin, you need to taste when plain or before seasoning with other ingredients.

Is crown prince pumpkin edible?

Crown prince pumpkin is edible. It is one of the most delicious pumpkin varieties around. You can use it to make soups, stews, or gnocchi. The seeds are also edible. You can clean and roast them to make crunchy snack.

Crown prince pumpkin recipes

Crown prince, just like other pumpkins can be made into anything. Some of the recipes that you can make with crown prince pumpkin include risotto, curry, frittata, squash pie, and soup. The list is just endless.

How do you eat crown prince squash?

You can use crown prince squash to make stews or soup, smash it to make a side dish, stir to make a risotto, or toss it into a salad. You can also mix with other dishes or stuff with different ingredients to achieve your desired flavor.

Crown prince pumpkin soup

To make crown prince pumpkin soup, you need different ingredients and seasonings. These include garlic gloves, olive oil, chopped onions, tomatoes, chili, and fresh ginger.

With all the ingredients, roast the squash in the oven until it is tender soft. Put it in the blender and blend to create a consistent puree.

Cut the other ingredients and cook them in a saucepan for about 15 minutes over medium heat. Scoop the pumpkin puree and add to the ingredients in the saucepan and bring them to boil as you stir as you add some little water. Add salt and pepper and your soup is ready.

The resulting soup will taste delicious with the flavor of your ingredients.

Crown prince pumpkin pie

Crown prince pumpkin is good for making pumpkin pie. This dish has a sweet flavor, and is rich and creamy. Among the ingredients that you can use here include salt, nutmeg, eggs, cinnamon, melted butter, whole milk, caster sugar, and short crust pastry.

The procedure requires you to cut the pumpkin into small pieces, boil them until tender soft, blend to make a puree and mix with the other ingredients that you have prepared in appropriate proportions.

The resulting pie will taste the flavor of your ingredients.

Crown prince pumpkin nutrition

This pumpkin is of great nutritional value. Below is the nutritional information for crown prince pumpkin that is available in ½ cup serving size.

Vitamin A1.5mcg
Vitamin C7.98mg
Dietary fiber1g

Crown prince squash calories

The number of calories present in crown prince squash ½ cup serving size is 20Kcal. The number of calories depends serving size and other nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, alcohol, and fat among other energy-containing nutrients.


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