How Long Does It Take for a Pineapple to Grow?

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A Pineapple may take about 2-3 years to grow regardless of the way it was started. You can expect its first fruit after this maturity period.

It can proceed to give another fruit or more depending on the place and environment it’s grown. But the plant births two fruits a year until it starts to wear out.

    Key Takeaways:

    • It takes anywhere between 16 to 24 months for a pineapple to grow.
    • The duration can extend if the plant is grown indoors or outside of a tropical location.
    • A pineapple plant needs to produce 200 flowers for developing one pineapple.
    • A single pineapple usually requires 16 to 24 months to fully mature.
    • It takes about 2-3 years for a pineapple to grow from the top.
    • Pineapple plants may produce more than one fruit if the environment and method used are favorable.
    • Pineapple plants have four growth stages: planting of crown, growth of foliage and roots, formation of a bud, and growth of fruit.
    • Pineapple plants need well-drained, moist soil and require 65-85°F temperature and sunlight throughout the day for healthy growth.

    Does It Take 7 Years to Grow a Pineapple?

    No, it doesn’t take 7 years to grow a pineapple or any type of fruit in general. That is an absurd statement devoid of actual information.

    If we look at the general rule, almost every pineapple takes anywhere between 16 to 24 months for its growth. You can expect it to reach its maturity stage during this period.

    Yes, there are times when your pineapple may require longer than the usual time for the following reasons:

    • If you are growing your pineapple indoors.
    • Your residency or the place you grow your pineapples is outside of a tropical location.

    Did you know that this plant needs to produce 200 flowers for developing one pineapple? Yes, that is why the duration happens to be quite extended.

    orange and green pineapple fruits

    This indicates that every skin segment that you come across on this fruit was once a flower. Multiple segments of its flowers were combined to form numerous berries.

    Here, these berries came together to form this delicious giant fruit.

    Common Name Botanical Name Soil pH Range Soil Type Sunshine Growing Zones
    Pineapple Ananas comosus 4.5 – 6.5 Sandy, well-drained Full sun 10-11

    How Long Does 1 Pineapple Take to Grow?

    A single pineapple usually requires anywhere from 16 to 24 months to fully mature and be harvested. However, it might also take longer depending on how and where you grow it.

    The place and method of growing are favorable for accelerating or hastening its growth.

    How Long Does It Take to Grow a Pineapple from the Top?

    Your pineapple will take about 2-3 years to grow from the top. If the soil and weather condition is extremely favorable, then it can even take less than a year.

    You can easily grow your own pineapple from the top at home by following these steps below:

    Removing the Crown

    Once you purchase the pineapple from the store, you need to remove its crown or stem. Start by grasping the leaves on top and twisting it to remove the crown.

    Since the pineapple possess pointy leaves, you should make it a priority to wear gloves. Here, gardening gloves will help do the trick.

    Trimming the Flesh

    Once you have removed the crown, start using a sharp paring knife for trimming away the excess flesh. You need to also trim the bottom leaves as well as the suckers.

    Here, suckers are the tiny growths present between the leaves of the pineapple.

    Drying the Stalk

    It will take some days to dry the pineapple’s stalk. Start placing the stalk in a sunny and warm location with adequate air circulation.

    It will help to evaporate all the excess moisture, which may rot your pineapple.

    Placing the Crown

    Take a glass jar and start filling it with warm water. Now, you need to put the pineapple’s crown inside and allow its bottom to submerge.

    Don’t worry, the crown won’t sink because the pointy leaves will provide proper support on top. This step is for growing its roots, but most people skip it since it’s optional.

    Changing Water

    Small roots will start to sprout from the bottom after a week. The pineapple will require a couple of months for the roots to grow up to 3 inches in length.

    Once the roots grow, proceed to pot the pineapple. Don’t be alarmed if its lower leaves are starting to brown.

    Your pineapple will be perfectly fine as long as some of the leaves are still alive and green.

    Placing the Pineapple

    Now, you need to start covering the bottom section of your pot with soil. Proceed to place your pineapple inside the pot and begin filing soil around your plant.

    The crown of your pineapple should stick out on top. Put your pineapple under indirect sunlight for the first few weeks.

    Ensure that you are watering the plant whenever the soil becomes dry. You will start to see new leaves growing right in the center part of the plant.

    Moving the Plant

    Your plant will begin to have fully-grown roots, new leaves, and good health. Here, you need to move it to an area where it receives ample sunlight.

    Ensure that aren’t overwatering and the soil should have enough moisture.

    How Many Pineapples Will One Plant Produce?

    Every plant will produce one pineapple fruit. But there are instances where a plant has produced even 2 fruits, depending on the environment and method used.

    The second fruit is called the Ratoon.

    What Are the Pineapple Growing Stages?

    The pineapple has 4 growth stages, which includes:

    Planting of Crown

    You can’t grow a pineapple without its crown. Both the lower foliage and fruit should be removed from the crown to leave the top leaves and fruit core.

    Here, it will start sending out roots and proceed in becoming a new plant. The crown should be planted in well-drained and moist soil for the roots to form and grow.

    Your pineapple will take 6-8 weeks for its roots to fully grow and have new growth.

    Growth of Foliage and Roots

    The roots start forming first in the new plant. Once your pineapple develops a root system and starts absorbing nutrients and moisture, new foliage starts to grow.

    The plant requires 65–85-degree F of temperature and sunlight throughout the day for healthy growth. You can use a soluble type of houseplant fertilizer to obtain sufficient nutrients and have a healthier growth.

    Flowering and Fruit

    The flower of your pineapple will only bloom at its full maturity, and that takes about 2-3 years. And the homegrown ones may not flower and fruit too.

    Here, you can force the flowering by enclosing a ripe apple and your pineapple plant inside a plastic bag for 3 days. Why an apple? it’s because it produces a gas that causes the pineapple to begin blooming.

    This flowering treatment will take about 3 months. You will see the fruit form and it becomes ready for harvest when its scales go from green to stunning golden yellow.


    Every plant tends to produce one flower and fruit. However, the main plant often produces offsets the moment it starts flowering.

    Offsets are small plants that grow off the primary plant. They go on to grow into fully mature plants, producing their own flowers and fruits.

    The offsets should be left on the plant until you harvest the fruit, and the primary plant starts declining. Plus, you can even cut them off from the main plant and grow them individually in different pots.

    How Long Do Pineapple Plants Live?

    Pineapple plants can live up to 7 years.

    How Many Pineapples Per Plant on Average?

    A pineapple plant will produce up to 2 fruits i.e., the plant crop and the ratoon crop. Here, the ratoon fruit or crop tends to be produced via a sucker.

    This sucker tends to arise below the fruit, allowing it to grow. But once you remove or harvest the first fruit, begin removing all the hapas and suckers except for one.

    This will allow your ratoon crop to successfully produce the second fruit for harvest.

    Are There Male and Female Pineapple Plants?

    Pineapple plants doesn’t have male and female genders. A pineapple is hermaphrodite in nature, which means it possess both female and male parts.

    Here, self-sterility proves to be extremely useful for the palatability and quality of the fruit.

    How To Grow Pineapple Fast?

    Here are the steps for growing a pineapple fast by yourself:

    • Twist and remove the leaves of your pineapple.
    • Next, you need to start stripping off a couple of the lower leaves for exposing the stem.
    • Proceed to turn and position it in an upside-down manner, allowing it for dry for a good week.
    • Take a glass jar and fill it with water.
    • Ensure that the jar’s mouth is large enough for the pineapple’s crown to fit. But it shouldn’t be too big to the point your crown submerges inside.
    • Stick a couple of toothpicks inside the crown. You need these toothpicks for suspending the crown.
    • Now, place the pineapple’s crown in the water. Ensure that the leaves are sticking out and the crown is touching the water.
    • Keep the jar near your window for adequate sunlight to make the roots grow.
    • Once the roots grow, plant it on a pot that you have prepared. The soil should at least possess 30% of organic matter.
    • Ensure that you are keeping the plant warm and moist. Give sufficient water and wait for the flowers to bloom.

    Do Pineapple Plants Need a Lot of Water?

    Yes, pineapple plants do require a lot of water. But ensure that you water them only after the soil dries out.

    Excess watering will damage the growth of your pineapple plant.

    How Long Does It Take to Grow a Pineapple in Hawaii?

    several pineapples at a party
    Pineapples thrive in the Hawaiian climate

    Image Source

    Residents of Hawaii will take about 15 to 20 months for growing a pineapple in Hawaii. Pineapples are grown throughout the year in Hawaii, but the harvesting season is often from March to July.

    How Long Does It Take to Grow a Pineapple in Florida?

    pineapples on brown surface
    Florida has an almost tropical climate, great for growing pineapples

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    If you are from Florida, then the planting and harvesting period will be anywhere from 18 to 24 months. Many factors such as the temperature, cultivar, and cultural practices determine the maturity period.

    Pineapple plants in Florida are typically grown in protected landscapes and locations.

    How Long Does It Take to Grow a Pineapple in Texas?

    sliced pineapples served on brown basket
    Texas is a good growing environment for Pinepaples

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    It’s not the easiest job to grow a pineapple in Texas because the environment may not be the best. You will have to wait anywhere between 21-34 months for the fruit to grow and mature.

    But there are folks who grow and harvest it in their homes within a shorter timeframe.


    Which Fruit Takes the Longest to Grow?

    Pineapple is without a doubt the fruit that takes the longest to grow. Both the flowering and fruiting stage is slow compared to most fruits.

    What are the Stages of a Pineapple?

    There are 9 stages when it comes to the maturing of the pineapple fruit. They are:

    • Stage 1 – Emergence of bud.
    • Stage 2 – Formation of sucker.
    • Stage 3 – Pseudostem elongation.
    • Stage 4 – Sucker leaf development.
    • Stage 5 – Emergence of Inflorescence.
    • Stage 6 – Flowering
    • Stage 7 – Development of Fruit
    • Stage 8 – Ripening of fruit, and
    • Stage 9 – Senescence.

    Can You Grow a Pineapple from a Store Bought Pineapple?

    Yes, you certainly can. Just make sure that you provide proper moisture and adequate sunlight.

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