How to Grow a Tulip Tree From Seed

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Gardening is a soothing hobby that requires proper planning and dedication. Some prefer to plant small house plants while others aim for big ones.

Tulip tree or Liriodendron tulipifera is a deciduous tree that is native to eastern North America. It belongs to the family Magnoliaceae.

Also known as tulip poplar or yellow poplar, these trees are commonly used for horticulture. They bloom in the spring and the flowers look magnificent.

While having a lifespan of about 2-3 decades, these trees grow rapidly in no time. You need to plan ahead if you are thinking about propagating tulip trees.

In this article we will discuss how to grow a tulip tree from seed.

How to plant a tulip tree sapling

First you have to procure a tulip sapling. You can rely on your local nursery for the plant.

The best time to plant a tulip sapling is in between spring and early fall. You have to keep in mind that good soil is also necessary for samplings.

Tulips prefer full sunlight. That is why do not plant the saplings in shade or partial sunlight.

Full shade can hamper the growth of tulip saplings and can turn the leaves brown. Tulips prefer to grow in slightly acidic soil.

Make sure the soil has a good drain system to drain out excess water. Deep soil is recommended and proper use of compost is a must for tulip saplings.

Tulips prefer a temperate climate. During dry days, give plenty of water to the saplings.

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How do you start a tulip tree?

Before going with a tulip tree, keep in mind that a tulip tree can grow 90 feet or more in height. They can grow into a canopy in fairly less time.

Always choose outdoors to plant tulip trees rather than inside of your house. You can start to grow tulip trees in various ways.

You can grow them from seeds, cuttings, or saplings. Seeds take a long time to germinate and saplings are rather expensive, so the choice is yours.

If you are going with a cutting, cut at least 18 inches from a young tulip tree. Prepare your acidic soil with compost or organic matter.

Choose a bright area full of natural sunlight. Remove all leaves and flowers from your cutting.

Then make an incision of about 2 inches from the base. You may dip the cutting into a growth hormone for faster results.

Then plant the cutting and water it regularly.

Where can I find tulip tree seeds for sale?

You have to look actively to procure tulip seeds or saplings. It is recommended that you look both offline and online.

Online, there are various websites related to gardening and plants. You can find pretty much any plant including tulip.

You can look for tulip seeds or saplings from your local nursery. Although the availability may depend on the season.

Another way you can obtain tulip seeds or saplings is by directly approaching any person who has tulip trees. If the person is kind enough, they can give you at least a cutting from which you can grow your own tulip tree.

Is a tulip tree a good tree?

Certainly tulips are a good tree. Mostly, tulip trees are seen or kept as an ornamental tree.

Meaning that the tree adds more beauty to your surroundings. You can come across some of them in residential areas or parks.

This tree has other perks besides being an ornamental tree. Tulip trees can be planted during reforestation because they have fast growth.

The lumber of tulip trees are used to make furniture, plywood, and general lumber. In early days, Native Americans used these trunks to make dugout canoes.

Tulip trees are an important part of the ecosystem. It is a host tree for the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly.

The nectar from the flowers are consumed by butterflies, hummingbirds, and birds. Some other animals like gray squirrels, and white-tailed deer consume the leaves and flowers.

How fast does a tulip tree grow?

Tulip trees are among the fast growing trees. The height of these trees grow up to 70 to 90 feet.

It has a growth rate of 24 inches per year. Though the growth may differ depending on the climate and soil.

At 15 years of age, tulip trees are considered to be mature. Still, the trees continue to grow throughout their life.

Time duration for a tulip tree to grow may vary if you order it from a local nursery. Generally, nurseries sell saplings that are 1 to 3 years old.

So, in that case the duration may not be predicted completely.

How many years does it take for a tulip tree to bloom?

Tulip Tree to Bloom

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Tulip trees have a life cycle of about 200 years. It takes about 15 years for a sapling to become a mature tree.

It is after 15 years when tulip trees bloom. When tulip trees bloom, they produce flowers in the spring.

The flowers are light scented, canary yellow, and beautiful looking. After gaining maturity, tulip trees bloom in every spring until and almost for the rest of their lifespan.

Various growth factors also play a vital role in the blooming time required for a tulip tree. Among those factors, the most important factor is climate.

Tulip trees cannot withstand very cold weather. If the winter becomes too cold to handle for the tulip tree, it may not bloom in the upcoming spring.

How to propagate a tulip tree

You can propagate a tulip tree either from seeds or from cuttings. Tulip trees bloom in spring and produce samara-like fruits in the fall.

Samara fruits are wing shaped and the main source of propagation in the wild. If you have a chance to encounter a fruit in the wild, harvest the fruit if the color turns into beige.

Keep the fruit in a dry place to separate the seeds from the fruit. Before planting, you need to stratify the seeds for about 60 to 90 days in a cold and moist place.

To propagate a tulip tree from cuttings, take one branch in the fall. The cutting must be at least 18 inches or longer.

Locate the portion where the branch is swollen and is attached to the trunk. Make an incision of about 2 inches.

Dip the cutting in a bucket of water, mixed with rooting hormone. Next, you have to prepare potting soil with compost or organic matter.

Put the cutting into the soil about 8 inches deep. To hold the humidity, you have to cover the rest of the cutting with a plastic bag.

Where is the best place to plant a tulip tree?

Big and open spaces are recommended as best places to plant a tulip tree. Big residential areas and parks are ideal places to grow a tulip tree.

As the trees grow substantially big and live for about 200 years, you have to keep in mind all the variables before planting a tulip tree. Tulip trees prefer natural sunlight.

Do not plant the trees in the shade or any area that is partially lit by sunlight. Shady areas can hamper the growth of the trees.

If the trees do not get enough sunlight, the leaves may turn brown. It is recommended to plant your tulip seeds in a deep soil.

As a fully grown up tree, the roots tend to spread and go deep. That is why, soil with well drainage is also necessary.

How far apart to plant tulip poplar trees

This is an important point to remember. You cannot just go around and sow tulip seeds randomly.

If you plan to plant tulip seeds near your house, it is recommended to plant them at least 15 feet away from your house. In the forest planting method, spacings ranging from 6 feet x 7 feet to 10 square feet area is recommended.

The spacing sizes are ideal for one year old nursery saplings. We have mentioned several times that tulip poplars grow very big.

That is why it is necessary to give the trees proper spaces. Tulip trees have a pyramid growth habit, for which they need 24 to 60 feet space for ideal accommodation.

How long will a tulip tree live?

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This is an interesting fact. Tulip trees have a lifespan, spanning over not only decades but over centuries.

These trees are majestic species and can easily live up to 200 to 250 years. If given time and space to grow, tulip trees can even live up to 300 years.

FAQ relating to how to grow a tulip tree from seed

Do tulip trees grow fast?

Tulip trees tend to grow pretty fast. The height of these trees grow up to 70 to 90 feet.

It has a growth rate of 24 inches per year. Though the growth may differ depending on the climate and soil.

At 15 years of age, tulip trees are considered to be mature.

How long does it take for tulip trees to grow?

Minimum of 15 years is required for a tulip to become mature. It is around that time when it first blooms.

Once matured, the tree never stops growing. The lifespan of a tulip tree is 200 to 300 years.

A tulip tree continues to grow throughout their lifespan.

Do tulip trees smell good?

The tree does not smell itself but the flowers do. The flowers have a smell that resembles spices.

The tulip-shaped flowers have the smell similar to that of poplar trees or other trees belonging to family Magnolia.

Actually it is rare for people to smell the flowers as they are located in high branches.

Do tulip trees attract wasps?

Yes, tulip trees attract wasps, as well as several other insects. The flowers of the trees have a distinct fresh smell of spices.

The flowers contain nectar that attracts birds, bees, wasps, ants, and flies. Leaves containing honeydew turn into colonies infested by black sooty molds.

Key Takeaways

  • Tulip trees need open sunlight to grow. Shade disrupts the growth.
  • Being a big tree, plant the seeds in distances to give the trees room to grow.
  • Slightly acidic and deep soil is recommended.
  • You can propagate from seeds, cuttings or plant saplings.
  • It takes around 15 years for a tulip tree to give its first bloom.
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