30 Flowers That Start With A

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Flower starting with A - Amaryllis
Amaryllis is our first flower beginning with A

What Flower Starts With an A?

Amaryllis (Hippeastrum), commonly known as the giant amaryllis or winter-blooming houseplant, is the most incredible flower that starts with A. It is a perennial bulb of the genus Hippeastrum, which consists of various tropical plants native to south and central America.

The plant has strappy leaves and large flowers in the shape of trumpet lilies.  They can bloom for seven weeks or more. The blooms come in shades of dark red, white, pink, or a blend of these shades. There is another genus of true Amaryllis native to America, though it is different from the cultivars in the United States. 

The following are some facts about Amaryllis. 

  • A mature plant can reach 1 to 2 feet tall and spread about 9 to 12 inches 
  • Growing outdoors requires rich, well-draining soil and a rich potting mix when growing indoors with a slightly acidic pH of 6.0 to 6.5
  • It is most suitable for USDA zones 8 to 10
  • It appreciates full sun to partial shade. The bright shade is ideal for outdoor plants and morning sun and bright afternoon shade for indoor potted ones 
  • It is a seasonal bloomer 
  • It is mildly toxic 
Common Name Botanical Name Soil pH Range Soil Type Sunshine Growing Zones
Amaryllis Hippeastrum spp. 6.0 – 7.0 Well-draining, rich in organic matter Full sun to partial shade N/A (Typically grown as indoor or greenhouse plants)

Video – Flowers that begin with A

Flowers beginning with A

Flower Names Beginning With A

When researching flowers, you will encounter many that start with the letter A. Some are perennial, while others are annuals. There are wildflowers, and garden landscaping blooms that start with A. Different flowers names with various starting letters have no relationship to the type of plant.

African lily (Agapanthus africanus)

African Lily flower
African perennial flower, African Lily

Also called the blue African lily, agapanthus is an incredible perennial bulb native to Africa. It flaunts strappy leaves that grow into dense clumps and open into a succession of lovely blooms from spring through summer. The blossoms rise above the plant’s main body and nod to the leaves gracefully. 

Its typical conditions are rich, well-draining acidic, neutral, or alkaline soil and bright indirect sunlight indoors. It bears blue flowers in winter at a mature height of 9 to 30 inches. 

Common Name Botanical Name Soil pH Range Soil Type Sunshine Growing Zones
African Lily Agapanthus spp. 6.0 – 7.0 Well-draining Full sun 8-11

More information


Alliums flowers beginning with letter A
Allium – a great example of a common bloom starting with A

Commonly known as ornamental onion, allium is native to the middle east and grows as a bulb or rhizome. It grows about 1 to 4 feet tall and 3 to 10 inches wide, then produces sizeable round flower heads with star-shaped blooms. 

The flowers appear in white, pink, yellow, purple, and green shades in spring, though there are exceptional fall bloomers. It is mildly toxic to dogs, cats, and humans. 

Common Name Botanical Name Soil pH Range Soil Type Sunshine Growing Zones
Allium Allium spp. 6.0 – 7.0 Well-draining, dry Full sun 3-9

More information


Aster flowers (purple)

Aster (Symphyotrichum spp.), also known as frost flowers or New England aster, is an herbaceous perennial native to North America. They display their lovely daisy-like flowers in summer and fall. 

Aster bears blue, white, pink, or purple blooms at mature size 1 to 6 feet tall and 1 to 4 feet wide. It flourishes in well-drained neutral or acidic loamy soil and full sun exposure. It is most suitable for USDA zones 3 to 8.

Aster Fact Sheet

Alyssum flower (Lobularia maritima)

Alyssum - flower that starts with an A
The delicate Alyssum flower start with A

It is also called sweet alyssum or carpet flower, and it is one of the herbaceous perennial flowers that start with A native to Europe. It grows as an invasive plant in California, and it is aggressive in other parts of the U.S, in USDA zones 5 to 9.

It grows about 3 to 4 inches tall and 2 to 4 inches wide and bears purple, white, or white blooms. 

Common Name Botanical Name Soil pH Range Soil Type Sunshine Growing Zones
Alyssum Lobularia maritima 6.0 – 7.5 Well-draining, dry Full sun to partial shade 3-9

Alyssum Care and Pests

Angel’s Trumpet (Datura inoxia)

Angel's Trumpet flower

It is also called sacred datura or downy thorn apple, and it is an herbaceous perennial native to North, South, and Central America. It grows best in warm climates, but it can grow as an annual in cooler climates. It has oval, dark green 8-inch-long leaves with a soft texture. 

It blooms in summer and fall with fragrant trumpet-like flowers 7 inches long and 4 inches wide. It blooms in full sun exposure, and the flowers can be pink, cream, or lavender. It is best for zones 9 to 10 and can grow up to 2 to 3 feet tall and 3 to 6 feet wide.

Common Name Botanical Name Soil pH Range Soil Type Sunshine Growing Zones
Angel’s Trumpet Brugmansia spp. 6.0 – 7.0 Well-draining, rich in organic matter Full sun to partial shade 9-11

Angel’s Trumpet Facts

Popular Flowers That Start With A

Infographic - 5 flowers starting with A Ageratum, Aconite, African Daisy, Angelonia Ameranthus,
5 popular flowers that begin with letter A

Amazing and awesome could be an understatement when describing the fantastic wild and garden flowers that start with A. There will always be a flower to spruce the land with beauty whatever the season. The following are some popular blooms that begin with A.

Table – 5 common flowers starting with A and their scientific names

Common name Scientific name Flower facts 
Floss flower or AgeratumAgeratum HoustonianumIt is a flowering annual native to Mexico. It displays purplish-blue flowers from June to the first frost, and some varieties produce pink or white blooms. 
Amaranthus or pigweed Amaranthus spp.It is an annual flowering plant native to North and Central America. It produces burgundy, pink, green, red, or orange blooms in summer, fall, and winter. Summer snapdragon or Angelonia Angelonia angustifoliaIt is a cool-weather annual in northern climates but grows as a perennial flower in zones nine and above. It displays clusters of purple, pink, or white blooms that resemble orchids in summer. It is native to the Caribbean and North America. 
African daisy or cape daisy Osteospermum spp.Native to Africa and southwestern Asia, the African daisy resembles a typical daisy and blooms in spring, summer, and fall. It produces pink, white, orange, yellow, purple, or bicolor flowers. 
Aconite monkhood or wolfsbane Aconitum napellusIt is a perennial native to the mountainous regions of Asia and Europe. It displays purple or blue flowers in summer and fall. It is toxic to pets and people. 
All kinds of flowers can start with the letter A

Pink Flowers That Start With A

Pink is a common and one of the most beautiful flower colors that grace the land in different seasons. Pink flowers come in many shades, from light pink, easily mistaken for white, to a dark pink almost resembling magenta.

Generally, pink can be bold and dramatic or subtle, depending on the hue and how the flower appears in its habitat. If you are looking for gorgeous flowers, here are some adorable pink flowers that start with A.

  • Angel’s trumpet (Brugmansia × candida)
  • Azaleas (Rhododendron spp.)
  • Balkan anemone (Anemonoides blanda)
  • Sea pink or sea thrift (Armeria Maritima)
  • False goat’s beard (Astilbe)
  • Alpine aster (Aster alpinus)
  • Annual phlox (Phlox drummondii)

White Flowers That Start With A

White is one of the most classic and true colors in the floral world. White flowers offer an admirable serene and magical feeling to any environment, even under the moonlight after sunset.

When researching white flowers, you can find some wild perennials that grow unattended or striking white garden annual and perennial blooms. Below are some lovely white blossoms that start with A. 

  • St. Bernard’s lily (Anthericum liliago)
  • Sweet alyssum (Alyssum maritimum)
  • Windflower (Anemone)
  • Naked lady or Jersey lily (Amaryllis)
  • Peruvian lily (Alstroemeria)

What Plants Begin with the Letter A?

Besides flowers, other plants like shrubs, bushes, vegetables, and trees start with A. The following are some plants that begin with A. 

Angelica (Angelica archangelica)

Angelica archangelica growing on rocks
Angelica archangelica grows in harsh conditions found in colder countries

It is an herbaceous biennial herb native to west Siberia, Greenland, and Europe. It grows about 3 to 6 feet tall and blooms from June to August. It is an edible and excellent flavoring agent for fish and eggs.

Common Name Botanical Name Soil pH Range Soil Type Sunshine Growing Zones
Angelica Angelica spp. 6.0 – 7.0 Well-draining, moist Full sun to partial shade 3-9


Avocado tree (Persea americana)

Trees beginning with A - Avacado
Avacado start with the letter A – a popular fruit world-wide

It is an evergreen fruit tree native to Central America, Asia, and North America. It grows about 60 feet tall and 30 feet wide and bears green or yellow blooms that develop into creamy fruits. 

Common Name Botanical Name Soil pH Range Soil Type Sunshine Growing Zones
Avocado tree Persea americana 6.0 – 6.5 Well-draining, rich in organic matter Full sun 8-12

Avocado Fruit


It is a vibrant shrub with a long bloom period, from spring to fall. It can grow 2 to 10 feet tall and 2 to 8 feet wide. It is native to Asia and bears pink, yellow, or white blooms.

Abelia white flowers
Asian Abelia generally has white flowers, but they can be pink or yellow.
Common Name Botanical Name Soil pH Range Soil Type Sunshine Growing Zones
Abelia Abelia spp. 5.5 – 7.5 Well-draining, moist Full sun to partial shade 5-9


Asparagus (Sparrow grass)

Asparagus shoots growing in soil
A Mediterranean plant, Asparagus shoots are delicious, but it also produces nice flowers if left

It is a flowering perennial whose shoots are edible as vegetables. It displays greenish to pale yellow blooms in summer and fall. It is native to Mesopotamia, the East Mediterranean region. 

Common Name Botanical Name Soil pH Range Soil Type Sunshine Growing Zones
Asparagus Asparagus officinalis 6.0 – 7.0 Well-draining, moist Full sun to partial shade 2-8

Arrowroot vine (Syngonium podophyllum)

It is a fast-growing climbing vine native to Mexico and South America. It rarely blooms, but it produces white flowers in summer when it does. It is food for humans and toxic to cats and dogs. 

Common Name Botanical Name Soil pH Range Soil Type Sunshine Growing Zones
Arrowroot vine Peltandra virginica 6.0 – 7.5 Well-draining, moist Full sun to partial shade 5-10
Arrowroot Vine


What Plants Begin With A?

When researching plants, you might discover many of them that start with the letter A. Botanical scientists have come up with scientific names to distinguish the ones with common contradicting or almost similar names. Here is an unusual flowers list that begin with A. 

  • Copperleaf or three-seeded mercury (Acalypha)
  • Abyssinian banana (Ensete ventricosum)
  • African tulip tree (Spathodea campanulata)
  • Century plant (Agave)
  • Galangal (Alpinia)
  • Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis miller)

What Flower Starts With AZ?

Azalea is a gorgeous flowering plant that begins with Az. It is an evergreen or deciduous shrub native to Europe, Asia, and North America. It grows 3 to 20 feet in height and width and blooms from spring to summer. 

Pink Azalea flower in pot
The beautiful Azalea is toxic to humans.

Its flowers appear in red, pink, white, orange, or peach shades. Depending on the species, it can thrive in USDA zones 6b to 8a. It is toxic to pets and humans. 

Common Name Botanical Name Soil pH Range Soil Type Sunshine Growing Zones
Azalea Rhododendron spp. 5.0 – 6.0 Well-draining, rich in organic matter Partial shade 5-9

What Flower Starts with Al?

Sweet alyssum, commonly known as alyssum, is a lovely flower that starts with Al and comes in purple, pink, or white shades. It is an herbaceous perennial native to Europe, and it blooms in spring and fall. 

What Flowers Start With AP?

Pink apple blossom on tree
Apple blossom is common in the Northen States

The apple blossom (Malus domestica) is a wildflower that begins with A and produces a hypnotic fragrance. It is native to Arkansas and Michigan and is the official national flower for both states. It displays flowers from early spring to late summer. 

Common Name Botanical Name Soil pH Range Soil Type Sunshine Growing Zones
Apple blossom Malus domestica 6.0 – 7.0 Well-draining, moist Full sun 3-8
Apple Blossom

What flowers to plant in fall?

  • Amaranthus
  • Asters
  • Japanese Anemones
  • Alyssum
  • Anise hyssop
  • Autumn Joy Sedum

Plants With Flowers Beginning With the Letter A

African Daisy to Apple Blossoms – there are many flowers and plants starting with A

There are several plants with a flower that starts with an A. For example, Acacia is a genus of tree species with small yellow and white balls of flowers that grow in clusters on short stalks. They are often scented.

Other plants with a flower starting with A include Achillea, a flower that belongs to the daisy family. These flowers have flat-topped heads with tiny ray florets and are considered a type of daisy.

Ageratum houstonianum – Floss Flower

Ageratum houstonianum purple flowers
Ageratum looks greatas cut flowers in a vase indoors

Common names for Ageratum houstonianum include flossflower, bluemink, Mexican paintbrush, and pussy foot. The plant grows well in gardens, where it is used as bedding. In fact, it is so attractive that it is often used as bedding in zoos. Read on to learn more about this plant. Here is a brief description of its uses.

Ageratum houstonianum is a beautiful annual plant that can tolerate light shade and blooms from late summer into fall. The flowers are button-shaped with soft frills surrounding the centers.

This plant is popular for cut flowers and it attracts butterflies. It grows well in hardiness zones two through 11 and is ideal for borders, walkways, and container gardens. It tolerates partial shade well and is deer-resistant.

Floss Flower grows best in part sun or in partial shade. If grown in shade, you may miss the extra blooms, and may experience foliar diseases such as powdery mildew. In addition, it requires moist soil.

A well-drained soil with compost is recommended for best results. If you’re not sure how to start growing this plant, consider a container. Floss flowers will grow in containers for many years, so make sure to follow the container’s guidelines.

Common Name Botanical Name Soil pH Range Soil Type Sunshine Growing Zones
Flossflower Ageratum houstonianum 6.0 – 7.0 Well-draining, moist Full sun to partial shade Annual
Floss Flower (Ageratum)

African Daisy – Gazania

African daisy in pot held by woman
It’s from the Aster family and the blooms can be several colors

The African Daisy Gazania is one of the most popular and colorful flowers available. This flower is a member of the family Asteraceae and is native to Southern Africa. Its bright flowers are beautiful to look at and a great addition to any garden in early summer.

The genus Gazania contains several varieties, and each one is distinctive in its own way. Here are some interesting facts about Gazania. Read on to learn more about this unique flower.

The Gazania plant grows best in full sunlight and warm temperatures. It is easy to grow and only requires very little water. It is best to use shredded leaves as mulch around your plants, but don’t let the leaves touch the stems of your plant.

Otherwise, you will risk rot! If you want to grow African Daisy Gazania indoors, consider using an indoor planter, but ensure that you keep them out of direct sunlight for the best results.

Common Name Botanical Name Soil pH Range Soil Type Sunshine Growing Zones
African Daisy Dimorphotheca spp. 6.0 – 7.5 Well-draining, dry Full sun Annual
African Daisy (Osteospermum)

Agapanthus – Star of Bethlehem

Agapanthus with blues flowers
Star of Bethlehem is an easy-care pot plant best grown in milder climates

The Agapanthus Star of Bethlehem is a hardy bulb that is easy to grow in the garden or in pots. It can be planted at the base of deciduous trees, and it thrives in moist soil. It can be transplanted from other flowering bulbs or grown from seed. Planting Star of Bethlehem in the garden or pots requires very little care.

The Star of Bethlehem, also called the Summer Snowflake or the Sleepydick, is a perennial plant native to South Africa. It is sometimes referred to as the Lily of the Nile, but it isn’t really a lily.

It has a trumpet-shaped bloom and is best suited for a tropical climate, where temperatures are moderate. The Star Of Bethlehem will bloom throughout the summer.

The flowering stem of the Agapanthus is covered with a narrow green bract, which protects the blue flowers. As the bract opens, many small blue buds emerge and open sequentially. Agapanthus thrives in warm, sunny spots, but they do not do well in colder climates.

Plant the plants close together, because the flowers will bloom closely together, creating a wave of colour. Agapanthus plants are best planted in pots or flower borders. However, in colder climates, they need to be brought indoors.

Common Name Botanical Name Soil pH Range Soil Type Sunshine Growing Zones
Star of Bethlehem Ornithogalum spp. 6.0 – 7.5 Well-draining, moist Full sun to partial shade 3-8
Star of Bethlehem

Alchemilla -Lady’s Mantle

Alchemilla being cut with scissors
Alchemilla is used for medicinal purposes

The name “Alchemilla” comes from the genus of perennial herbaceous plants in the Rosaceae family. Alchemilla mollis is considered a garden plant, and is also known as “Lady’s Mantle.”

The native range of Alchemilla is Europe and Asia, but it grows widely in North America. Its leaves are silver-white and have spork-like ends. This plant is used in tinctures and folk medicine throughout Europe and Asia.

Its flowers are a delicate shade plant that can attract bees and butterflies. This plant is commonly grown in greenhouses and garden centers. It is also popular as a ground cover.

Despite its medicinal use, Alchemilla Lady’s Mantles are not the only plants with a colorful reputation. There are at least 300 species in the Alchemilla genus.

The species used more commonly for medicinal purposes is Alchemilla vulgaris. The species is easy to grow and requires very little maintenance. It will grow in most soils, but is better suited for rich soil and partial shade than it is for full sun.

Common Name Botanical Name Soil pH Range Soil Type Sunshine Growing Zones
Lady’s Mantle Alchemilla mollis 6.0 – 7.5 Well-draining, moist Partial shade to full shade 3-8
Lady’s Mantle

Aconitum – Ranunculus Family

Bee feeding on Aconitum flower
Aconitum is found all over the world and can be decorative or medicinal

Aconitum is a member of the Ranunculus Family. It is a semi-saturated blue-purple plant. Aconitum plants are not heavy feeders. The roots should be kept moist, and they prefer a cool climate. Aconitum varieties can be propagated by seeds or divisions of the root.

Wild plants are not as dark blue as those grown in gardens, and hybridization has added several color variations: purple flowers are just one of the different colors found on this plant.

The Aconitum genus is a subfamily of the Ranunculus Family, which represents about ten percent of the species. Variation within the subcontinent is greatest in the Carpathian Mts, with diploids (n = 16) and tetraploids (n=32). The genus Aconitum also includes a triploid species, Acomarum.

The Aconitum Ranunculus family one of the flower types found worldwide, but is most prevalent in temperate or cold climates. Many species are ornamental flowering plants, especially in the Himalayas. Others are used as medicinal plants.

The Ranunculus family is divided into five subfamilies. According to Tamura, these five families are distinguished by their floral and chromosomic characteristics. Its diversity is a source of inspiration for the development of novel plant varieties.

Common Name Botanical Name Soil pH Range Soil Type Sunshine Growing Zones
Aconitum Aconitum spp. 6.0 – 7.5 Well-draining, moist Partial shade to full shade 3-8

Alstroemeria – Peruvian LIly

Alstroemeria with pink-yellow flowers
The Peruvian Lily likes sun and comes in many colors

Alstroemeria, or Peruvian lily, is one of the perennials that start with A and thrives in full sun or partial shade. For best results, plant Peruvian lilies in rich soil with a pH of 5.5 to 6.8.

Add generous amounts of compost to the soil, and plant tubers 6 to 8 inches deep. Planting the tubers directly into the ground is not recommended, but you can use compost tea or manure to help them survive cold winters.

Like the Balloon Flower, Alstroemeria has a wide range of bloom colors. Their long stems, and bright showy blooms make them a popular cut flower. These lilies are generally borne from midsummer through late fall and range in color from red to orange, pink to white.

However, alstroemeria flowers are not particularly fragrant. In addition to being a wonderful late spring flower, Alstroemerias are also beautiful cut flowers, making them a popular choice for wedding bouquets.

Although Alstroemeria are deer-resistant, they are prone to snail and slug problems. In addition, alstroemeria are susceptible to soil viruses and root rot. Plants should be placed in a sunny, sheltered location, with at least three hours of sunlight per day. During the winter, Alstroemeria will be more susceptible to cold and will require more water to survive.

Common Name Botanical Name Soil pH Range Soil Type Sunshine Growing Zones
Peruvian Lily Alstroemeria spp. 6.0 – 7.0 Well-draining, moist Full sun to partial shade 8-10
Peruvian Lily (Alstroemeria)

General takeaways about plants that start with A

In fact, the only thing plants with A have in common is the first letter of their name. Some have showy flowers, some bloom in early fall, or even late winter! The alphabetical approach is not as bad idea if looking for diverse ornamental plants for flower beds in good or poor soils. Such an approach will give plants with tall stems, various colors and many bright colors.

An evergreen shrub can be an excellent choice for an indoor pot, while Apple Blossoms are invariably grown outside in the garden. A wide variety of colors is the key to successful garden borders, with many different types of flowers in a range of colors.

A flowering shrub surrounded by ground cover flowers with pale pink and white petals is a lovely way to mix different plants to maximum effect. Summer is the best time to enjoy this kind of diversity: you will hardly be able to wait!

Video summary – Most popular flower list with initial letter A

From Allium to Aster – from essentialgardenguide.com plant list A to Z

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