Plants That Start With L

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Plants That Start With ‘L’
There’s a great variety of plants staring with L, from grasses to shrubs.

List of plants that begin with the letter L

Here is a list of all the plants beginning with L, that are featured in this article:

  1. Lavender
  2. Leek
  3. Lemongrass
  4. Lettuce
  5. Lilac
  6. Lilies
  7. Lords and Ladies
  8. Lotus

Our planet is home to a massive variety of different plants. From flowers to trees, to vegetables, there are hundreds of thousands of plant species out there.

If you want to learn more about some of the plants you might see on a day-to-day basis, you’ve come to the right place. This list will take you through some of the most beautiful, prominent, and common plants whose name begins with the letter ‘L’.

Ready to get your thumbs green? Then let’s get started!

Plant list starting with L:

Lavender flower

Lavender is a species of flowering plant that is closely related to mint. But where mint is famous for its sharp menthol smell, lavender has a much more gentle aroma. 

There are several different varieties of lavender (47 to be exact), including species like French Lavender and English Lavender. Their flowers grow in tall clumps of purple blooms that stand at the top of long, thin stalks. Although lavender is known for its sweet and gentle floral scent, there are actually several health benefits to this flower too!

Lavender uses

Lavender oil is used for its therapeutic properties, with benefits to relaxation and sleep. It is commonly used in oat heat bags (similar to hot water bottles), where it is infused with oats to release a calming smell and vapor to help you relax and sleep.

What does lavender mean in love?

Lavender symbolizes purity and devotion.


Is leek an onion? Leeks and onions are both alliums, so they’re related.

Leeks are long-stemmed and wide-leafed vegetables. They have a long and thick white stem, which splits into a bundle of overlapping leaves called the ‘leaf sheath’.

These seasonal vegetables are closely related to spring onion, shallots, and chives, although they are much bigger. At their best in the winter, leeks are a great winter vegetable packed with vitamins.

Leek recipes

Leeks are a great addition to soups and stews or can be grilled before eating. Leeks are a versatile ingredient, with plenty of delicious applications. Simply remove the ends like you would a carrot, and you can slice, dice, or chop to your heart’s content.

What part of the leek do you eat?

One thing you do need to think about if you’re cooking with leek is to make sure that it’s completely clean beforehand. Because of their overlapping leaves, it is very easy for dirt or pests to hide in between unnoticed. Make sure you wash your leeks thoroughly before starting to cook with them – you don’t want to spoil your food with a mouthful of dirt!


This small tropical grass isn’t actually related to lemons in any way. However, its citrusy taste is what gives it this name, and lemongrass oil is used in cooking.

Lemongrass recipes

These small bulbs look similar to spring onions and are frequently minced or ground to be used in various foods like curries and noodle dishes. Their fresh flavor helps add some clarity to busy dishes, or you can sneak some in while cooking rice to give it a citrusy lift.

Lemongrass tea

Lemongrass is a popular ingredient in some teas due to its health benefits. It is great for maintaining a good level of cholesterol in your blood, as well as having anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidizing properties. The oil in lemongrass is also used as a topical ointment and is applied directly onto areas with swelling or pain.

Is lemongrass edible?

Yes, Lemongrass is edible. One of the useful properties of lemongrass is its longevity. While lemongrass typically lasts a week or two when fresh, it can be frozen to preserve it for several months. You can also mince it up and freeze it into ice cubes to have a ready-to-go portion that you can add to food while you’re cooking.


4 types of Lettuce
Is lettuce good for dogs? Lettuce can’t harm dogs, but they prefer protein!

This well-known leafy green is actually a member of the daisy family. However, unlike its flowering cousin, lettuce is one of the most popular vegetables out there – most people how to grow lettuce from seed.

Used in salads, burgers, and a multitude of other foods, leaf lettuce has great nutritional content depending on the variety. While iceberg lettuce (arguably the most commonly used type) is mostly water, other kinds of lettuce such as romaine or red-leaf lettuces are full of useful vitamins and minerals whilst having a low-calorie count.

A favorite among the health-conscious, lettuce has a great combination of nutrition and taste without being bulky or filling.

Whether you’re making a homemade salad or shredding it for a sandwich, lettuce is one of those vegetables that you can’t help but love and many Lettuce recipes can be found on the internet.

Flowers that start with L – Lilac

Like lavender, lilac is another flowering plant that lends itself and its name to a shade of purple.

Lilac grows in cone-shaped clusters of flowers that poke out of bushes. They are a popular garden plant due to their low-maintenance, beautiful flowers, and pleasant smell. This Lilac smell is a strong but sweet floral aroma and can be strong enough to smell from several meters away. Lilac shrubs can also grow quite large – a fully-grown lilac plant can reach heights of 15 feet tall!

Lilac and lavender

Although lilac doesn’t possess the same therapeutic properties like lavender, it is still far from unhealthy. In fact, the entire plant is completely edible, although it probably isn’t the best idea to eat one.

While they are most commonly associated with their eponymous shade of purple, some varieties of lilac have completely different colors. For example, Japanese Lilac blossoms into bright white flowers that form clumps instead of the usual cone-shaped arrangements. 

If you’d like to learn more about flowers that start with L, you can do so here.

What do lilacs symbolize?

Lilacs are a symbol of spring and renewal.

Lily flower

Can lilies be planted outside?
A Lily bouquet is a very special gift

Continuing on with beautiful plants, the lily is a gorgeous summer flower that also has a deep connection to romance. Move aside, roses!

There are dozens of different species of lily throughout the world, with wildly varying colors and patterns (although they all share the same recognizable large flowers). Some of the most popular varieties of lily come from Asiatic countries, like the Tiger Lily or the Stargazer Lily – very popular types of Lilies.

These plant’s brightly colored flowers and speckles (which give them their names) aren’t the only varieties to gain popularity, however – with almost a hundred different species, lilies are some of the most popular flowers out there.

Lilies also have a long history with symbology in various cultures, often being used to represent love, happiness, and innocence.

Lords And Ladies

Don’t let their name fool you – these plants are far from elegant. Also known as the cuckoo-pint, these small woodland plants are native to Europe and some Mediterranean countries. They get their name from their shape, with the flower and stomata bearing some resemblance to male and female genitalia.

Lords and Ladies are small flowering plants that can most easily be recognized by their arrow-shaped leaves and dense clusters of orange and red berries. Unlike many of the other plants on this list, Lords and Ladies are completely inedible. In fact, every single part of this plant is highly poisonous.

Video – Lords and Ladies – the woodland Arum Lily

That said, their pale white flowers and brightly colored berries can be a beautiful sight, especially when poking out of the dirt and leaves of the forest floor. They tend to grow in groups, with clumps of berries adding a nice pop of color amidst a sea of greens and browns.

In folklore, Lords and Ladies are sometimes related to the fae. For instance, the Terry Pratchet book of the same name concerns elves coming through from their world to the fictional setting of the ‘Discworld’.

Lotus flowers

Indoor Lotus plant
Lotus plant meaning is purity and enlightenment

Another flower with strong cultural significance, the lotus flower is a prominent symbol in multiple Eastern and Asian cultures and religions. The lotus is one of the most sacred symbols in Hinduism and Buddhism, with its meanings including purity, transformation, and spiritual enlightenment.

Lotus plant care

Unlike many species of plant (including all the others on this list), the lotus flower is an aquatic plant. This means that they grow on the surface of the water with their roots submerged. They get their nutrients from the water they grow in, as well as from the sun through photosynthesis.

The lotus flower is edible, and all parts of it are used in various styles of cooking. The leaves, for example, are used as a vegetable or leafy green. The roots and stem are high in starch and fiber, while seeds are often dried and roasted, or ground into flour.

Not only are lotus flowers culturally significant and used in cooking, but they are also absolutely beautiful. Their flowers grow in a cup shape, and their color can vary from a bright white to deep pink, although most lotus flowers have a white center gradually leading to pale pink tips.

Shrubs beginning with L

  1. Lavatera
  2. Lagerstroemia
  3. Lantana
  4. Ligustrum
  5. Lithodora
  6. Laurus
  7. Laburnum
  8. Lycesteria
  9. Lonicera
  10. Leptospermum
  11. Lavandula

House plants that start with L

  1. Laurus nobilis
  2. Ledebouria socialis
  3. Lantana camara White Dwarf
  4. Ledebouria ovatifolia
  5. Lippia dulcis
  6. Lysimachia procumbens aurea
  7. Lavatera olbia aurea
  8. Ledebouria pauciflora
  9. Laurus nobilis crispa
  10. Ledebouria socialis Juda
  11. Lepisorus Bicolor
  12. Ledebouria socialis Gila Monster
  13. Ligustrum Lemon and Lime
  14. Ledebouria violacea
  15. Leea coccinea rubra

Final Thoughts

So now you know a little more about some plants whose name begins with ‘L’. 

These plants all have incredible things about them that make them unique, from their appearance to their usage.

Many of these plants can be found in the wild, or can be grown at home – if you want a bit more variety to your garden, why not plant some lavender or lilac? Or you could also grow plants like leeks, lettuces, or lemongrass to help improve your cooking and make sure you know where your food is coming from.

Whether you want to be able to identify these plants in nature or plant them yourself, now you’re armed with some more knowledge about plants beginning with ‘L’. All you have to do now is get out there and take a look at some of the amazing plants we share our planet with!

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