Plants That Start With R

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Rain Lily begins with R
Why it is called rain lily? Rain Lily blooms tend to sprout up in numbers after rain.

The world of botany can be a strange and beautiful place, with there being a variety of plants to choose from. And while growing your own plants can be an educational and rewarding process, this does not make it easier to remember the names of the plants you have decided to grow. So if you want to know more about different plants and their names, then you have come to the right place. 

List of plants that begin with R

Here is a list of the plants starting with R:

  • Rabbit’s Foot Fern
  • Radish
  • Rain Lily
  • Rangoon Creeper
  • Raspberry
  • Ratibida
  • Rattlesnake Grass
  • Red Hot Poker
  • Redbud
  • Rhododendron
  • Rosemary
  • Royal Palm
  • Ranunculus Flower
  • Roman Chamomile
  • Rue
  • Rose
Plants That Start With R

In the following article, we have compiled a list of plants that start with the letter R, so that you can start learning the names of these different plants. Just take a look at the sections below and you will find everything you need to know about these plants and their unique properties. 

Rabbit’s Foot Fern 

Native to China, this small and creeping fern is notable for its furry rhizomes, which are said to resemble the appearance of rabbit’s feet. With fronds that grow to 810 inches, this plant is not dissimilar to squirrel’s foot fern in both its appearance and uses, although it does grow at a noticeably slower rate. While the plant does not have any immediate practices, it can be used to cover cold-hardy ground. 


Known for its vibrant and crunchy appearance, the radish is a fast-maturing vegetable that prefers to be grown in cold conditions. Radishes are often distinguished for their bright color and it is possible to grow the vegetable in shades of red, purple, pink and white. The roots of the radish are edible and the bulb itself can be short and rounded or long and slender. 

There are several kinds of radish that correspond to different seasons, such as spring, summer and winter. Like most root vegetables, radishes need loose soil to grow, with the crop also thriving in natural clay and organic matter. The most common use of radish is in food, where it is roasted or added to salads

Rain Lily 

Native to Texas and Argentina, these bulbous plants are known to bloom after the fall of summer rain, which is how the species earned its name. Featuring trumpet-like blossoms, the plant bears a strong resemblance to their closest relatives the Zephyranthes, with the species only growing in the spring and summer.

The Rain Lily flower can look very attractive when grown in a sweeping formation and is a common addition to rock gardens and naturalized areas. 

Rangoon Creeper 

Rangoon Creeper in pots 
Is Rangoon creeper poisonous? Yes, the bulbs are highly toxic.

It seems this plant remained an anomaly to botanists for hundreds of years, as the Latin name translates to who? and what? This confusion seems to stem from the plant’s growth rate, as it begins its life as a shrub and then develops into a scrambling vine. It is also important to note that the flowers will change color with age. 

Native to Burma, Malaysia and New Guinea – the Rangoon Creeper is capable of climbing up to 30 feet and can be distinguished by its pointed green leaves and brownish moss. The flowers on this creeper take the form of long and fragrant tubes, with the blooms starting white and then slowly turning red. This plant is considerably easy to grow and is compatible with a range of different soils. 


This plant is known for its sweet and delicious fruit, with several different species being found in North America, Europe and Asia. Raspberries usually thrive in cold weather and can be grown in shades of red, purple and black. There is even a tropical species called the mysore raspberry, which thrives in lush and warm environments. 

Raspberries will grow from shallow perennial roots, which produce thorny stems commonly known as canes. These stems will begin to sprout fruit during the summer, with the canes then dying and being replaced with new blooms. Raspberries can be eaten fresh or used in cooking, where they feature heavily in desserts and puddings. 


Boasting a branched exterior with deeply cut leaves, this plant does not look dissimilar to a Black-eyed Susan, although the main bloom has fewer rays and a more prominent central cone. Otherwise known as a Mexican Hat, this plant is an easy-care perennial that can be found in gardens across the world. 

Rattlesnake Grass 

Native to the Mediterranean, this ornamental grass is known for its delicate appearance, which sports clusters of nodding that resemble the end of a rattlesnake’s tail. These cotton clusters are suspended from the plant by thread-like stems, giving the species its distinctive look. Fortunately, both the seeds and leaves are edible and can be used in a variety of different recipes. 

Red Hot Poker 

Red Hot Poker plant in pots
Do red hot pokers come back every year? Yes, they lay dormant in winter and come back in spring.

Otherwise known as torch lily, this plant boasts finely toothed foliage and tubular flowers with overlapping clusters. When the flower blooms, it resembles a glowing poker or torch, with the blossom taking on shades of orange and red. The plant opens from bottom to top and will continue to change in color as it matures. 

Originating from South Africa, this species can now be found in gardens around the world and is known to attract hummingbirds during the summer months. 


Native to the deep south, these charming trees are known for their lavender-pink flowers and will commonly bloom in the early spring. When the blossoms have grown, they are followed by bean-like pods that persist into the winter, where they produce countless seedlings around the base of the tree. 

Redbuds are used as lawn trees and can look particularly beautiful when grouped together or bordered by shrubs. In the winter, the bare trees form an attractive silhouette, which can look striking in a range of natural settings. 

Rhododendron varieties

This beautiful shrub currently boasts over 800 species and can be distinguished by its large leaves and bell-shaped flowers. The vibrant blooms can be grown in a variety of different shades, which include white, yellow and pink. 

The fine-grained wood of the Rhodedendron is commonly used to make bowls, spoons and furniture, with the material also making wonderful firewood and charcoal. However, this plant has become a popular choice among botanists and can be found in botanical gardens all over the planet. 

Rhododendron care 
Do rhododendrons like sun or shade? Rhododendrons like full sun – 6 hours minimum.


Native to the Mediterranean, rosemary is a strong and versatile herb that is known to grow along seaside cliffs, where it is exposed to hot weather and poor alkaline conditions. While there are many species of rosemary, all specimens boast the same fragrant leaves, which sprout small flowers during the winter and spring. 

What’s the benefits of rosemary?

The blooms take on a variety of different colors, with some of the most common being green and blue. Rosemary is commonly used as a herb in cooking and is traditionally paired with lamb and other meats. Interestingly, the flowers are also edible and can be used in salads and baking. 

Royal Palm 

Stately and symmetrical, these palm trees are the picture of a tropical vacation and are known for their gray trunks and overlapping fronds. Native to various exotic islands, these trees are commonly used by local peoples as timber, with the fibrous wood being used to make houses and rafters. 

Ranunculus Flower 

Boasting over 250 species, this flower never shares the same appearance or habits as its counterparts, although there are several varieties that are commonly grown in gardens. These include the Persian buttercup, the Lesser celandine and the Creeping buttercup, which can all be easily grown and nurtured in your backyard. 

Roman Chamomile

Bearing a similar appearance to large daisies, Roman chamomile is notable for its yellow buttons and white petals, which sit atop a green stem with fragrant leaves. While this bloom features a key ingredient in many cleaning products and scents, it is mainly used as a medicine for indigestion, nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite. 

It is even said to ease mental stress and reduce morning sickness, as well as cramps and menstrual pains. 


Is rue poisonous? It can cause gastric pain and vomiting.

Native to North America, this small flower can commonly be found in grassy meadows, where it sports loose clusters of pink and white petals. While the name of this flower is now famously associated with The Hunger Games franchise, the plant itself works as a natural painkiller and can be used to ease headaches, cramps, spasms and arthritis. The bloom is also said to help with breathing problems, as it can reduce swelling around the lungs. 

What flower starts with an R? Rose

Considered one of the most famous R plants in the world, the rose has shaped human history for thousands of years, where it has been the sigil of noble houses and a key ingredient in food and cosmetics. 

Available in a range of colors, this flower is often characterized by its myriad shapes and sizes, with each species boasting a sweet and fragrant smell. Nowadays the bloom is commonly used in soap and perfume, although it is also possible to purchase rose chocolates and Turkish delight. 

Indoor plants that start with R

  • Rosary Vine (Ceropegia woodii)
  • Rex Begonia (Begonia rex)
  • Rubber Plant (Ficus elastica)

Shrubs beginning with R

  1. Rhamnus
  2. Ribes
  3. Rosa
  4. Rosemarinus
  5. Rubus
  6. Ruta
  7. Rhus
  8. Rhododendron

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Color Are Rue Flowers? 

While Rue can come in a rainbow of different colors, the most common hues include white and yellow, with the foliage taking on a blue-green appearance. 

What does a Ranunculus flower symbolize? 

Although ranunculus flowers are generally associated with charm and attractiveness, the bloom itself can take on many colors each with its own unique meaning. 

Do Raspberries Grow Back Every Year?

Yes, raspberries do grow back every year. This is because they are perennial plants. As a result of this, they are useful to have in your garden. The fruit beared will improve as the time increases.

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Flowers name list that start with R
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