What are some blue flowering bulb plants?

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Blue flowering bulbs

There is quite a number of blue flowering bulbs that include the Spring Start flower, light blue garlic, Triplet Lily Rudy, Blue Anemone, and grape hyacinth among others. The common ones include the following:


Scientifically known as Scilla siberica. This bulb has attractive blue flowers that bloom in early spring. The plant spreads through seeds and requires indirect sun exposure. They also need well-drained rich soil with 8 – 8.5 pH.

Stars of the snow

It is also called the Glory of the Snow or Chionodoxa. This bulb grows well in full sun to partial shade, and also needs well-drained soil. The plant grows when in the right conditions to form large clumps that can spread easily in lawns and blooms in mid spring to late spring.

Grape hyacinth

Scientifically known as Muscari armeniacum and is a bulb that grows slowly and blooms in April or May. It is a hardy plant that grows in up to -30 degrees F. and is suitable for USDA zones 4 to 8. It also needs well-drained soil, and full sun to shade to thrive.

Scilla sardensis

This plant needs soil that is moderately fertile and well-drained to thrive. It also needs full sun or light shade. It is a perennial bulb that blooms in early to mid-spring.

Blue anemone

Blue anemone is a perennial bulb that grows well in moist and well-drained soil that is rich in organic matter (humus). It is Scientifically known as Anemone apennina. The plant blooms in early spring all through to fall.

Whatare some blue flowering bulb plants?
Blue anemones

Early bulbous Iris

This bulb plant also known as Dwarf Iris and scientifically known as Iris reticulata blooms from late to early spring. These bulbs need full sun but can also grow well in partial shade. Also, they need well-drained soil and can tolerate drought.


This bulb plant is scientifically known as Hyacinthoides spp. It is a bit taller in size as compared to other blue-flowering bulbs. It almost looks like the hyacinths but with loose leaves and grows well in full sun or partial shade.

When it comes to bloom time, bluebells normally bloom in mid spring to late spring. In addition to that, it does well in USDA zones 4 to 9.

Infographic: What are some blue flowering bulbs?

BLue flowering bulb varieties
Infographic: What Are Some Blue Flowering Bulb Plants?

Blue flower bulb identification

It is easy to identify the bulbs that bear blue flowers. You need to look at the leaves, and in most cases, they look like tubes or rather curled slightly inwards. They are also identified based on size of the leaves. If the leaves are 6 inches or less, they could be the crocus, grape hyacinths, or snow drops. If the leaves are between 6 – 12 inches that could be tulips, hyacinths, lilies, or daffodils.

Blue perennial flowers that bloom all summer

Here is a list of the common blue perennial flowers that bloom all summer. Not all of them bloom only in summer since they can also bloom in other seasons.

Common nameScientific nameBloom time
Globe thistleEchinops ritroSummer.
ColumbineAquilegia vulgarisSpring to summer.
Chaste treeVitex agnus-cactusAll summer
CatmintNepeta catariaLate spring – summer.
ClematisClematis occidentalisEarly summer, late summer -fall.
HydrangeaHydrangea macrophyllaMid spring, summer – early fall.
Dutch IrisIris reticulataEarly to late summer.
SalviaSalvia guaraniticaSpring through summer to fall.
Virginia BluebellsMertensia virginicaSummer.
Rose of Sharon Hibiscus syriacus Summer to fall.
Forget Me NotMyosotis sylvaticaSummer.
DelphiniumsDelphinium elatumSummer.
CranesbillGeranium sylaticumEarly to late summer.

Blue flowering summer bulbs

A lot of bulbs bloom in summer. There are a good number of them that bear blue flowers and include but are not limited to:

  • Lily of the Nile
  • Canna
  • Dahlia
  • Gladiolus
  • Tuberous Begonia
  • Iris
  • Calla Lily
  • Caladium
  • Lily of the Valley
Blue flowering bulb plants
Blue Lily of the Valley

Blue garden flowers

If you want to have blue flowers in your garden, some of the blue garden flowers that are common include the delphinium, Love-in-a-Mist, Himalayan Blue Poppy, and Aster. These flowers bear blue attractive flowers that would enhance any landscape.

They also bloom at different times – some in spring and some in summer. In addition to that, most of these flowers are perennial bulbs that comes back to bloom every year. The other blue garden flowers include:

  • Hydrangea
  • Lily of the Nile
  • Globe thistle
  • Columbine
  • Forget Me Not
  • Bellflower
  • Cornflower
  • Flax
  • Lobelia
  • Grape Hyacinth
  • Blue Daisy
  • Monkshood
  • Sea Holy
  • Anemone

All these flowers grow in mostly similar light and soil conditions. They can also do well in containers or directly on a landscape garden.

How do you plant Agapanthus bulbs?

You can plant agapanthus bulbs either directly on the landscape garden or in containers. You need to ensure it gets full sun and is planted in well-drained soil. It also does well in light or partial shade. Therefore, to plant the agapanthus bulbs, you need to follow these steps:

  • If you are planting in containers, ensure it has drainage hole and good quality soil, then plant the bare roots and keep a spacing of 12 – 24 inches apart and as deep as possible. Water thoroughly and keep the soil moist.
  • If you are planting directly on the landscape garden, ensure all the conditions of the soil are good, then dig your holes before planting the bare roots to 1-inch deep and keeping same spacing of 12 – 24 inches. Water thoroughly and allow to grow.

Blue spring flowers

There are so many flowers that bloom in spring with blue flowers. Some bloom across seasons but most bloom in spring and in summer. These blue spring flowers that are common and include the following:

  • Hyacinths
  • Columbine
  • catmint
  • Salvia
  • Bluebell
  • Blue False Indigo
  • Blue Flax
  • Blue Violet
  • Fairy Thimbles

Grape Hyacinths

Grape hyacinth is a perennial bulb that grows well in USDA zones 4 to 8. Being a perennial means it comes back every year and blooms in April or May.

When it comes to growing conditions, grape hyacinths need well-drained soil and also do well in light shade or full sun. The common ones bear blue flowers but some others have purple, white, or yellow flowers.


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