What are some flowers that start with the letter E?

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Which Flowers Start with the Letter E?

There are so many flowers start with the letter E. Some of these include the Evening Primrose, Everlasting Daisy, English Bluebell, Erigeron, and Egyptian Star flower among many others that you will come across in this blog.

Common flower name Botanical nameGrowing conditions and bloom season
Evening PrimroseOenothera biennisEvening primrose is a perennial plant that can grow up to 3 to 5 feet tall and 2 to 3 feet wide. It thrives in full sun exposure or partial shade. The soil should be moist but well-drained with acidic to neutral Ph. The Evening primrose blooms in summer and fall with stunning yellow flowers.
Everlasting DaisyHelichrysumEverlasting daisies require full sun exposure all day. It blooms in spring but can extend to autumn in warmer conditions. It can grow on various soil types but will flower best in fertile, well-drained, fine sandy soil. 
English BluebellHyacinthoides non-scriptaIt is a perennial wild bulb that grows up to 12 inches tall and 3 to 8 inches wide. It prefers full sun exposure and will grow best in the sand, loamy, clay, and chalky soils. It also requires slightly acidic to slightly alkaline soil dotation. It springs in spring with beautiful blue-purple flowers.
Erigeron (seaside daisy)ErigeronErigeron is a perennial plant that can grow up to 20cm to 40 cm, depending on the variety. It thrives in full sun exposure and requires ordinary, light soil. Seaside daisy starts to bloom from May to October. 
Echinacea or Purple ConeflowerEchinacea purpureaConeflower flourishes in full to partial sun exposure; at least four hours of sun daily. It can withstand poor, rocky soil but not muddy and wet soil. It blooms from July through September with many flower colors like white, orange, pale peach, red, and pink.
Echium 9 pride of MadeiraEchium candicansThe pride of Madeira is an evergreen flowering plant. It can grow to a mature size of six to eight feet tall and spread up to six to ten feet. It grows well in well-drained sandy or loamy soil with acidic, alkaline, or neutral Ph. Echium flourishes in full sun exposure. It blooms in early spring through summer with beautiful purple or blue flowers. It is toxic to animals and humans.
Egyptian Star FlowerPentas lanceolataEgyptian star is a perennial flower that grows to a maximum height of 24 to 36 inches. It thrives in rich soils with good drainage. It prefers mildly acidic Ph. The Egyptian star requires full sun to partial shade to bloom. Its bloom season is summer, producing white, pink, red, or lavender flowers. 

Eve’s Needle CactusAustrocylindropuntia subulataIt is a fast-growing, low-maintenance cactus that grows up to 12 feet tall and spreads to 4 to 8 feet. It grows best in rocky, sandy, well-drained dry soil with alkaline or neutral Ph. It cannot tolerate cold conditions. Eve’s needle cactus blooms in spring with red or pink flowers, and it has thorny foliage.

Infographic: What are some flowers that start with E?

Infographic: What Are Some Flowers That Start with the Letter E
Infographic: What Are Some Flowers That Start with the Letter E?

What Is Echinacea Used For?

Echinacea has several health benefits. It contains a substance that can boost immunity, reduce inflammation, and relieve pain. It also has antiviral and antioxidant properties.

Herbalists today prescribe Echinacea for curing yeast infection, ear infection (otitis media), and urinary tract infection. Scientific and medical researchers suggest that Echinacea can also treat other infections like athlete’s foot, allergic rhinitis (hay fever), and sinusitis.

Further studies reveal that the plant can help manage colon tumors when you combine it with cichoric acid. Today, many people use Echinacea to reduce the duration of flu and the common cold and minimize symptoms like sore throat, coughing, or fever.

 Due to the fact that it treats many infections and inhibits others, many professional herbalists use it as a “cure all” remedy. 

What Is a Plant That Starts With E? 

The plant that starts with the letter E is Eutrochium maculatum, known coloquially as Spotted Joy-Pye Weed. It is a North American native perennial plant with attractive fragrant flowers that attract bees and butterflies. It thrives in sand, clay, chalk, or loam soil with alkaline, acidic, or neutral Ph that is well-drained and moisture-retentive. It grows well in full sun exposure or partial sun. 

Eupatorium maculatum grows up to 150cm to 240cm tall and spreads to 120cm to 150cm. It produces attractive purple flowers in summer, fall, and winter. It requires low maintenance. 

Is Erica a Heather?

Yes, Erica is a type of heather that is also called Winter Heather. It is a low-maintenance South African native shrub. It requires full sun exposure, at least eight hours a day. Erica grows best in moist but well-drained clay and loam soil with acidic Ph. 

Erica heather is tolerant to drought and deer and attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. The flowers range from white to near black, and foliage varies from gold to dark green. It blooms in spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Is Eustoma an Outdoor Plant?

Eustoma (Eustoma russellianum) is a biennial outdoor plant. It is a central North American native Herbaceous perennial garden flower that is usually grown as an annual plant. It blooms in summer and fall with purple, white, and pink flowers.

The plant attains a mature size of 1 to 3 feet tall and 6 to 12 inches wide. It thrives best in moist and well-drained soil of neutral Ph; 6.5 to 7.0. Eustoma requires full sun exposure to thrive. 

What are some flowers that start with E?
Eustoma flowers

House Plants Beginning With E

There are various plants that you can grow indoors. Here are some of them that start with letter E:

  • Easter lily plant
  • Echeveria plant
  • Emerald gem plant
  • English ivy plant
  • Episcia plant
  • Eternal flame

Shrubs Beginning With E

There are many shrubs that start with the letter E. Some of the common ones include the following:

  • Edgeworthia crysantha
  • Echium pinnifolium
  • Elaeagnus commutate
  • Elaeagnus pungens
  • Eastern Arborvitae
  • Eleutherococcus sieboldianus
Shrubs that start with E
Eastern arborvitae, a common landscaping shrub in the Cypress family

Trees Beginning With E

There are also a lot of trees whose names start with the letter E across the world. Below are some of the examples of the common ones:

  • Ebony tree (permission tree)
  • Elder berry trees
  • Eucalyptus 9gum, wattle, mallee) trees
  • Euodia (evodia, bee bee) tree
  • Elm tree
  • Eastern cottonwood tree
  • Eastern Hemlock tree
  • Eastern white pine


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