What Are the Different Types of Roses?

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How many types of roses are there?
The classic red rose is one of the most popular types of roses

Tope 10 Roses

Roses hold a special place globally for their beauty, fragrance, and symbolic meanings. Scientists divide all roses into three significant categories: old garden roses, Modern Garden roses, and wild roses. Their blooms are larger but less fragrant, and the plant is less resistant to diseases. 

Old garden roses have double-flowered blossoms, a more pungent fragrance, and are hardier with higher resistance to diseases than modern garden roses. They bear blooms once per season.

Wild roses are wildflowers of the rose species. They have never been cross-bred with other plants. Each flower consists of five petals, and most of them are pink. 

The following are the top ten roses

  • Colette or Climbing rose (Rosa setigera)
  • Earth Angel Parfuma rose
  • Florentina Arborose (Rosa ‘Florentina’)
  • Absolutely fabulous rose (Rosa ‘Absolutely Fabulous’)
  • Double Delight (Rosa ‘Double Delight’)
  • Honey Perfume (Rosa ‘Honey Perfume’)
  • Memorial Day (Rosa ‘Memorial Day’)
  • Mr. Lincoln (Rosa ‘Mr. Lincoln’)
  • Sheer Bliss (Rosa ‘Sheer Bliss’)
  • Sun Sprinkles rose (Rosa ‘Sun Sprinkles’)

Types of Roses: Beginners Guide to Rose Varieties

Some types of Roses are ideal for the beginning gardener

How Many Types of Roses Are There in Total?

Rose, a woody plant in the genus Rosa, has over 300 species and thousands of hybrid cultivars. These varieties come in almost all colors and shapes and can grow comfortably in many parts of the world. 

The modern garden roses are the most common and contain over 100 types of rose blooms. The rose varieties in the wild rose and old garden categories are further categorized according to their lineage and hybrid. 

Most Popular Types of Roses

  • About Face’ (Rosa Grandiflora ‘About Face’)
  • ‘Easy Does It’ (Rosa floribunda ‘Easy Does It’)
  • Teasing Georgia’ (Rosa ‘Teasing Georgia’)
  • ‘Julia Child’ (Rosa Floribunda ‘Julia Child’)
  • Frankly Scarlet’ (Rosa floribunda ‘Frankly Scarlet’)

Roses are among the most popular flowering shrubs and favorite plants in the floral world. If you want to grow roses in your garden, you have to select suitable species for your zone carefully. Below are some popular types of roses you can consider.

About Face’ (Rosa Grandiflora ‘About Face’)

Rosa Grandiflora variety of rose
Rosa Grandiflora is a big hybrid bloom in different colors

The orange Grandiflora is a hybrid rose plant with long, moderately thorny stems, rich green leaves, and bicolor blooms. The inner side of the petals is dark golden yellow, while the outer/backside is bronzy orange-red. It is also well-known and loved for its resistance to mildew and blackspot. 

  • It grows best in hardiness zones 6 to 11
  • It grows about 5 to 6 feet tall
  • It thrives best in well-drained, slightly acidic soil, 5.6 to 6.5 pH
  • It produces moderately fragrant double blooms repeatedly in spring, summer, and fall
  • It appreciates full sun exposure for maximum blooming

‘Easy Does It’ (Rosa floribunda ‘Easy Does It’)

Floribunda rose is a medium-sized rose with about 4 to 5-inch blooms that blend in pink, apricot, and orange hues. The double flowers have ruffled petals and a slightly fruity aroma. It is disease resistant and displays a bushy growth habit, and growers pick it for its low maintenance and average water requirement.

  • It grows about 3 to 4 feet in height and width
  • It appreciates the best moist, well-drained soil with acidic, neutral, or alkaline pH
  • It blooms best if grown in full sun 
  • The fragrant, showy flowers attract butterflies
  • It is excellent for small gardens and beds and borders

Teasing Georgia’ (Rosa ‘Teasing Georgia’)

Rosa Teasing Georgia Rose variety with yellow petals
Tightly petalled blooms of Rosa ‘Teasing Georgia’

It is a climbing rose shrub with robust fragrant golden roses. The large erect flowers have almost 100 petals and a golden yellow center surrounding pale yellow petals. 

  • It can grow about 3 to 4 feet in height and width
  • It loves rich fertile, moist soil with excellent drainage and a neutral, acidic, or alkaline pH  
  • It requires average watering and maintenance
  • It performs best in full sun, but it can withstand partial shade
  • It is a perfect repeat bloomer displaying flowers in spring, summer, and fall
  • It has a high disease resistance
  • The showy blossoms attract butterflies

‘Julia Child’ (Rosa Floribunda ‘Julia Child’)

The Julia child rose is a perennial famous for its licorice scent and luscious blooms. It is a miniature rose variety that mainly grows well in containers. It bears dense three-inch double blooms with soft yellow petals. Like all floribunda varieties, it displays abundant flowers in tight clusters. 

  • It grows about two to three feet in height and width
  • It requires average maintenance and watering
  • It performs best in moist, well-drained clay, chalk, loam, or sand with acidic, neutral, or alkaline pH
  • It blooms best in full sun
  • Applying a balanced fertilizer in late winter or early spring will produce the best blooms
  • It blooms in spring, summer, and fall

Frankly Scarlet’ (Rosa floribunda ‘Frankly Scarlet’)

It is a hybrid rose with dark green leaves. It is a fairly short repeat bloomer that bears 2 to 3-inch across flowers. The blooms have a pleasant spice-like fragrance. 

  • It grows best in hardiness zones 5 to 9
  • It grows about 2 to 3 feet tall
  • It does best in moist, well-drained soil with slightly acidic pH
  • It blooms best in full sun
Popular rose plant types for the garden
5 popular varieties of roses

What Is the Most Common Type of Rose?

Hybrid tea rose is the most common and popular type of rose globally. It grows as a straight and upright plant with a long stem and a large bloom. The flower of a hybrid tea rose can be as large as 8 to 12 cm in diameter. 

Most hybrid teas rose plants are short, 70 to 90 cm tall, but some can grow up to 1.7 meters. The blooms are suitable as cut flowers due to their large and long stems. 

Table – Different Types of Roses with Names and Pictures

You can use many types of roses to adorn your garden with beauty. Many rose varieties qualify as repeat bloomers because they show their main bloom in spring and then rebloom in summer after pruning. Below are some roses with names and pictures. 

Rose type  Examples of varieties Bloom time 
Hybrid tea roses Papa Meilland, American hero, camp David, cardinal, Rosie O’DonnellThey are repeat bloomers displaying flowers from May until frost.
Floribunda roses Burgundy Iceberg, black cherry, Tuscan Sun, Angel face, Julia child They bloom for a long time, from early summer until frost.
Climbing rosesMoondance, social climber, the blaze of glory, dawn pinkThese varieties repeatedly bloom from summer to fall.
Carpet/Groundcover roses Petal pushers, party dress, beautiful carpet, yellow ribbons Masses of flower clusters appear on each rose bush from spring to late autumn.
Miniature roses Sorcerer, cinnamon girl, Jilly jewel, innocence They display flowers from late spring to summer.

Different Types of Red Roses with Names and Pictures

Red roses are among the most popular roses globally. They symbolize love, romance, and affection. Worldwide, people give red roses as gifts on valentine’s day and on special romantic occasions. Below are some types of red roses. 

Popular type of red rose blooms
A traditional type of red rose – Rosa ‘Red Meidiland
  • Red meidiland (Rosa ‘Red Meidiland’)
  • Velvet fragrance rose (Rosa ‘Velvet Fragrance’)
  • Climbing rose (Rosa ‘Crimson Glory’)
  • Chrysler imperial (Rosa ‘Chrysler Imperial’)
  • Double delight (Rosa ‘Double Delight’)
Rosa ‘Double Delight kind of multi'colored rose
Interesting ‘double’colored’ rose variety Rosa ‘Double Delight

How Do You Identify Different Types of Roses?

You need to understand the features and traits of different roses to identify the types. All the varieties of a particular rose type have similar characteristics. Below are some features to help you identify roses. 

Identifying roses Size 

Most roses grow about 2 to 3 feet tall, with some exceptions growing up to 1.7 meters. For example, a rose bush like sophy’s rose, and sunrosa can grow about 3 to 7 feet. Hybrid teas have long, up to 1.7 meters stems.

Identifying roses by Spray

Spray flowers like floribundas and Polyanthas have stems that can hold many blooms. Some varieties include the Julia child, Amber Rose, and pink supreme.

Rambling Rose Types 

It is easy to mistake rambler roses for climbers. Ramblers grow taller and are sturdier than climbers. They bear flowers in bunches of seven and have a group of seven leaves. An example is the Dorothy Perkins rambler rose.

Miniature Rose recognition – a definite Rose type

They are tiny succulent plants with beautiful rose flowers. They are excellent for gardeners with small gardens. They include cupcake roses and Petite de Hollande. 

Rose Identification Chart

All roses fall under the three major categories: old garden, modern garden, and wild roses. Modern roses are further divided into several types as follows. 

  • Hybrid tea roses: there are many species under this group. They include Rosa ‘peace’, Rosa ‘full sail’, Rosa ‘Tropicana’ etc. 
  • Shrub roses are further subdivided into cultivars, including ‘swany, ‘Molineux’, and ‘Fruhlingsgold’.
  • Climbing roses have several cultivars that are grown today in gardens.The varieties include ‘iceberg’, ‘Eden’, ‘Blaze’ etc.

Old garden roses 

These types of roses are further divided into several varieties. Below are some of the cultivars.

  • Bourbon
  • Alba 
  • Gallica
  • Tea 
  • Centifolia
  • Damask roses 

Types of Roses by Color

Rose flowers come in various colors, ranging from pink, white, purple, yellow, orange, and red, with several varieties being bi-colored. Each rose color has a symbolic meaning. 

  • Red roses symbolize love, affection, respect, and also the blood of Christ.
  • Pink represents tenderness, happiness, and gratitude.
  • White signifies genuine and pure love.
  • Orange shows desire, joy, and mercy.
  • Purple roses symbolize elegance and love at first sight.

What Kind of Rose Bush Do I Have?

The simplest way to identify a rose bush is by the shape. Climbing rose bush has long stems that require artificial support, while a shrub has a low-growing habit. Hybrid tea roses display an upright growth habit, and each stem bears a single flower.

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