What do blue flowers symbolize?

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Blue Flowers Meaning Love

Love and affection are among the feelings you can communicate using flowers like the Blue-violet flower rather than words. There are particular flowers and flower shades that uniquely convey such feelings. The most common flower colors for love are red and pink, but blue is also a unique one that many people may not know. 

These blue flowers symbolize love:

  • The blue salvia flower, “thinking of you,” is commonly associated with friendship. It symbolizes love and sentiments of “thinking about you” or “missing you.” It is an excellent way to convey these unspoken messages.
  • Blue-violet flower– as the name suggests, this bloom is blue or purplish. It signifies love, trustworthiness, faith, intuition, and affection. If you want a romantic gift, this is your perfect choice.

What Does a Blue Rose Symbolize?

Key Takeaway: Blue is a rare color in flowers, so blue roses are almost non-existent. But still, you can come across some blue roses. Due to its scarcity, the flower generally signifies mystery or determination to attain the impossible.

Here are different symbolic meanings of the Blue Rose flower and the ideal occasions for gifting the same.

  • It signifies unattainableness. Due to its non-existence, the Blue Rose flower is associated with the things that are almost unachievable but need nerves to make the wish a reality
  • It is an exhibition of love at first sight or impossible love. Some cultures associate the blue rose with regal majesty, splendor, or royal blood.
  • It also signifies new beginnings or struggling against odds. When someone chooses a new path, whose beginning is unexplainable, they might experience intense mixed emotions that are too intense to express in words; gifting such a person a blue rose would be a brilliant idea.
  • It depicts a personality that is too hard to understand or not easy to interpret
  • It also symbolizes the power of being manipulative since it does not exist in nature but is a result of color manipulation
  • A bouquet of blue roses is an ideal gift to someone who is embarking on a journey or venture as it symbolizes new beginnings in life
  • Biblically, the blue rose symbolizes the inner energies and teachings of the heart. 
  • It also signifies an extraordinary spiritual growth

The blue rose goes perfectly with the quote, “some doors are never to be opened.” However, please note that it is not right to gift blue roses to a person you wish to start a relationship with unless the latter understands the meaning. 

What do blue flowers mean?
A blue Rose flower

Roses Care Sheet

Care Element Details
Soil Type Well-draining soil with a pH of 6.0-7.0
Sunshine Needed 6-8 hours of direct sunlight per day
Growing Zones (U.S.A.) 5-9
Water Requirements Water deeply once or twice a week, depending on weather conditions

Spiritual Meaning of Blue Flowers

Blue flowers bear different symbolic meanings spiritually, intellectually, and also culturally. They signify love, inspiration, and desire. It is the bloom that represents the unattainable and infinite. It is a sign of hope, and it speaks of inspiration. Thus, it is a perfect and encouraging gift for a person about to give up on any event in life.

In addition, a blue rose means true but almost impossible love. It can represent unreachable or unrequited love. It would be a thoughtful gift to someone you care about.

What Does a Blue Flower Mean in a Dream?

Flowers convey different messages in dreams, with the blue ones mainly signifying tranquility. When you see a blue flower in your dream, it could mean different things depending on the shade. It also varies with society, as Islam has a different interpretation of the same. Here are some symbolic meanings of blue flowers in a dream. 

Relaxation and tranquility

You might see a blue flower in your dream, especially when you always have structured thinking. Such a dream shows that you are about to experience ease, happiness, and success in your near future. The dream is a sign of your desire to impact others and make them rely on you positively. It shows your sense of entitlement to particular things.

What are some flowers that start with M?
The Himalayan Blue Poppy
Himalayan Blue Poppy
Scientific Name Meconopsis betonicifolia
Type Perennial Flower
Soil Type Moist, well-drained soil
Sunshine Needed Partial shade
Growing Zones Hardy to USDA Zone 5
Soil pH Acidic to neutral (pH 6.0-7.5)
Water Requirements Regular watering during growing season

Personal Development 

You may feel anxious about the future or uncertain about some decisions or investments. Seeing a blue flower in your dream shows you how you are achieving your goals, which might be hurting others. 

Blue flowers also hold significant meanings in the bible as the blue color blue symbolizes God’s word or spirit. The dream could convey a positive or negative message. 

  • Positive – blue flowers represent divine visitation from God, and you are likely to receive a heavenly revelation with spiritual gifts. It could also symbolize chastening from the father as the blue color in a wound washes away evil.
  • Negative interpretation– dreaming with blue flowers nay also symbolizes dishonesty through vanity and that you have idols before Yahweh. It could also show that you are depressed, though you might not be aware. 

What Does a Blue Lily Symbolize?

Blue lilies represent gender and sexuality in ancient Egypt. Lilies bear several symbolic meanings generally, including eternity, purity, divinity, and beauty. It somehow resembles the lotus flower that grows in muddy places.

They may differ in physical appearance. The two flowers relate closely in their spiritual symbolism. Various religions in the world associate these two blossoms with the creation of different gods and goddesses. 

Check out the symbolic meanings of blue lilies in different cultures. 

  • A blue water lily is sometimes referred to as the flower of romance across different cultures
  • Besides gender and sexuality, it also represents fertility and creation in ancient Egypt. The fertility symbolism is evident in many Egyptian paintings that display naked women holding blue lily blossoms or buds. Such paintings show the ability of the woman to bear many children
  • It symbolizes love in South Africa and is mainly called “the flower of love.” 
Can you eat lotus flowers?
Blue Lotus flower
Blue Lotus Flowers Care Sheet
Soil Type Fertile, well-draining soil
Sunshine Needed Full sun
Growing Zones (U.S.A.) 8-10
Soil pH 6.0-7.5
Water Requirements Regular watering

Do Blue Heart Lilies Exist?

Blue heart lilies do not exist in the natural world, mainly because blue is a rare shade in natural blossoms. Although these lilies are non-existent, there is a simple way to enjoy their beauty in your garden. A blue delphinium plant or Dense Blazing star are excellent imposters for blue heart lilies, although the color will not be as much as you prefer. It is a lighter blue shade. 

There are other sure techniques of getting these blossoms. 

Dying white lilies 

The most common method is to dye a white lily blue. You can use blue hair dye and a brush to create the blue tint in a white flower. The other option is using food dye. Mix the dye with water and dish soap for an efficient way to turn green or white blooms to blue. It is the most effective and secure way. 

The coloring process will result in two types of blue heart lilies: one with purple tips and a light-blue base and another one with a deep-blue base and white petals. 

If you want to grow blue heart lilies, there are simple methods and tips to achieve that. 

  • Plant your seeds early 

It would help to plant the seeds indoors about three weeks before winter. Early planting ensures that the plant will have time to grow considerably before spring and can bloom earlier, even before summer.

  • Enrich The Potting Soil with Fertilizers  

Blue heart lilies can grow in any soil type, but you need to enrich the soil with fertilizer to get the most delightful color out of your blossoms.

  • Ensure The Containers Are Well-draining 

Blue heart lilies appreciate adequate water, but waterlogging can lead to root rot, and consequently, the plant dies before blooming.

  • Expose Them to Sun 

Blue lily plants will bloom the best and produce brilliant color in full sun, approximately six hours a day. 

Blue Flowers Meaning Death

Blue flowers meaning
Blue Iris flowers
Key Takeaway: The Blue iris flower symbolizes hope, faith, and courage and people associate it with death. It is a perfect gift to someone who is grieving and at funerals, as it gives someone hope and courage to face and accept reality. Besides its association with grief, this flower has several contrasting meanings. 
Blue Iris Flowers Care Sheet
Soil Type Well-draining soil
Sunshine Needed Full sun to partial shade
Growing Zones (U.S.A.) 3-9
Soil pH 6.0-7.0
Water Requirements Regular watering

Here are more symbolic meanings of the blue iris flower.

  • Monarchy and royalty 
  • Faith
  • Marriage
  • Dreams and charity 
  • Mystery

Blue Flowers Names and Images

Although blue is a rare shade in the floral world, there are still some blue flowering plants and naturally blue flowers. Here are some of them and their images. 

Common name Scientific name Blooming season  
Blue my mind EvolvulusIt blooms from spring to late summer 
Sky blue lobelia Lobelia erinusIt flowers from mid-spring to mid-fall. 
Stand by me clematis bush Clematis clematis hybridThe plant blossoms from late spring to early summer. Blue Himalayan poppyMeconopsis betonicifoliaIt blooms in late spring and early summer Heavenly blue morning glory Ipomoea tricolorBlue morning glory blooms from early summer to the first frost of fall.
What do blue flowers symbolize?
Blue Flowers names and images

What Does a Blue Tulip Mean?

Due to the blue color, the blue tulips symbolize tranquility and peace and their scarcity; they also represent uniqueness and individuality. The flower can also send a message of loyalty and trust to other people. If you are looking for a way to appreciate someone who inspires you in a unique way that nobody else can, a bouquet of blue tulips will do the job perfectly. 

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