What do yellow flowers represent?

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There is a huge number of bright, beautiful yellow flowers that are popular for various occasions and circumstances. Some of the most common ones include yellow Roses, tulips, Pansies, Black-eyed Susan, Yellow Carnations and Yellow Chrysanthemums.

Some of these flowers have specific meaning, as in the yellow rose, which is often associated with friendship and forgiveness. Others are less specific, but almost all of them are typically considered to represent hope, friendship, and joy.

In this article, we’re going to look at the uses and representations of various yellow flowers in love, death, relationships, spiritualism, and friendship.

Yellow flowers symbolism
Evening Primrose flowers

Yellow flowers meaning love

The first thing you need to know about yellow flowers is that they are not romantic! If you know someone whom you have romantic intentions towards, you should never give them yellow flowers of any kind.

Obviously, the most romantic of all flowers is the red rose. So, you may ask yourself: are yellow roses romantic? The answer is no – yellow roses are not romantic. In fact, yellow flowers in general are almost universally a symbol of friendship and joy. Giving them to a potential romantic partner could send the wrong message.

Nonetheless, there are a few yellow flowers that have very specific meanings in love. For example, yellow Hyacinths are said to represent jealousy, whereas yellow Chrysanthemums are said to represent a love that is not reciprocated.

The yellow Dahlia, a beautiful flower in the Daisy family, is said to represent long-term loyalty and commitment.

Language and Symbolism of Flowers

List of yellow flowers and their meaning in romance:

  • Hyacinths: Jealousy
  • Chrysanthemums: unrequited love
  • Dahlia: commitment
  • Yellow Carnation: rejection

What do yellow roses mean in a relationship?

Like most other yellow flowers, yellow roses generally symbolise hope, friendship, and joy . They are a kind gesture towards friends, but not generally considered romantic. You wouldn’t give your partner yellow roses for Valentine’s Day, for example.

Nonetheless, yellow roses do have a specific meaning in a relationship. As with other yellow flowers, they of course symbolise friendship and joy. In a romantic relationship, however, giving yellow roses to a woman generally symbolises forgiveness.

Roses Growing Conditions
Plant common name Scientific name US growing zone Hardy or perennial Soil type Sunshine requirements Water needs
Rose Rosa 3-11 Hardy Well-drained, fertile soil Full sun Regular watering, but avoid overwatering

Selecting Roses – Missouri Edu

Yellow flowers meaning death

What do yellow flowers mean?
Yellow Marigold flowers

A common custom in western cultures is to give yellow flowers at a funeral. In death, yellow flowers have the same meaning as they do in life: friendship.

Giving yellow flowers to the family of the deceased, or placing them on their grave, symbolises your strong ties and lasting friendship with that person. It is an appropriate gesture when a dear friend passes away.

Yellow flowers do of course have different meanings in different cultures. In Mexico, for example, yellow flowers are a traditional part of the Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebration. Bright yellow and orange Marigolds are used to adorn alters and graves.

The belief is that their scent and beautiful colours will help encourage the souls of the dead to come back and commune with the living. These Marigolds are the Targetes erecta species, and often referred to as Flor de Muerto, or flowers of the dead.

Marigolds Growing Conditions
Plant common name Scientific name US growing zone Hardy or perennial Soil type Sunshine requirements Water needs
Marigold Tagetes 2-11 Annual Well-drained, fertile soil Full sun to partial shade Regular watering, but avoid overwatering

In this case, yellow flowers are for relatives too, not just friends.

Spiritual meaning of yellow flowers

What do yellow flowers symbolize?

Across most cultures, and particularly western cultures, yellow flowers have the spiritual connotation of hope, friendship, joy, and optimism.

This is in great part due to the brightness and vibrance of the colour yellow. Most scholars agree that our positive associations with yellow flowers come from the fact that they remind us of the sun.

We associate the sun with warmth, happiness, and the hope of a good harvest. Over time, we have transferred these spiritual associations to yellow flowers which remind us of the source of all life on our planet.

Spiritual Significance of Flowers

What flowers symbolize heaven?

Many plants and flowers have a specific meaning in the Bible. We all know that an olive branch symbolises peace, for instance.

It should come as no surprise then that yellow flowers are also found in the Christian faith. One of the flowers that symbolizes heaven in particular is the Daffodil. This flower is said to represent both heaven and the mother Mary.

The reason is that the Daffodil flower hangs down towards the earth, a reminder of Mary looking down on earth from heaven. If you’d like to learn more about Daffodils, you can read about them in our article on Types of flowers that start with D.

Yellow flower symbolism
Yellow Daffodil flowers

List of yellow flowers and their spiritual meaning

Many yellow flowers have specific spiritual meanings. Take a look at the table below to learn just a few of them.

Daffodils Growing Conditions
Plant common name Scientific name US growing zone Hardy or perennial Soil type Sunshine requirements Water needs
Daffodil Narcissus 3-9 Perennial Well-drained soil Full sun to partial shade Regular watering during growth and flowering, but avoid overwatering
Yellow AcaciaElegance
Gorse (Brume, Lupine)Humility
PansyHope and optimism
PrimroseYouth and renewal
Buttercup (Ranunculus)Wealth
Yellow IrisOptimism and purity
All Yellow flowers have some kind of spiritual meaning

Yellow flowers meaning friendship

When you give a friend yellow flowers, it means that you want to re-affirm your friendship by giving them something that brings joy.

Yellow flowers are known for not only brightening up a room, but lifting someone’s mood. By giving yellow flowers you let someone know how important it is to you for them to be happy in everyday life.

When it comes to specific occasions, you can send a friend yellow flowers to celebrate any positive event. A new job, birth of a child, or moving into a new home are all perfect circumstances for giving them.

Popular yellow flowers for friendship include Daisies, Orchids, Begonia, and Gerberas. The most popular yellow flower to give to a friend is probably the yellow Rose, however.

What do yellow flowers mean?
Dahlberg Daisy flowering

List of popular yellow flowers for friendship:

  • Yellow Roses
  • Yellow Chrysanthemums
  • Bee Orchids
  • Daisy
  • Yellow Gerbera
  • Sunflowers (learn more about these flowers here.)
  • Begonia
  • Buttercup

Infographic: Yellow flowers for friendship

What do yellow flowers represent?
Infographic: 5 Yellow Flowers for Friendship

What does a yellow rose mean in the Bible?

The yellow rose takes on a slightly different meaning in the Bible to modern-day life. These days, this flower symbolises friendship, hope, optimism, and joy. In the Bible, however, yellow roses also signified wisdom. More broadly speaking, roses of all kinds are said to represent the love of God on earth.

What do yellow Tulips mean?

These flowers have a range of meanings, but broadly speaking they do represent hope, joy, warmth, and the sun. Like Hyacinths, yellow Tulips can also be a symbol of unrequited love, though this is an older tradition and less relevant today.

In Victorian times, on the other hand, someone would send yellow Tulips to a person they had romantic feelings for, but obviously didn’t feel the same way about them (never send black tulips) (never send black tulips).

Tulips Growing Conditions
Plant common name Scientific name US growing zone Hardy or perennial Soil type Sunshine requirements Water needs
Tulip Tulipa 3-8 Perennial Well-drained, fertile soil Full sun to partial shade Regular watering, but avoid overwatering

Because of how vibrant they are, it is now more common to give someone yellow Tulips to cheer them up and show them the strength of your friendship. Like many other yellow flowers, they remind of us the sun and have a powerfully lifting effect on mood.

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