What Flower is Gold? List of Gold Flowers

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List of Gold Flowers

  • Marigolds
  • Basket-of-Gold
  • Lantanas
  • Daylilies
  • Fern Leaf Yarrow
  • Gold Child
  • Gold Dust Ivy
  • Golden Princess Agave
  • Gold Dust Croton
  • Hawaiian Spider Plant

Are There Any Real Gold Flowers?

Real Gold flowers exist, and much more beautiful than a real rose trimmed in 24k gold from Amazon! Flower cultivators have over the years produced hybrids of different flowers to create just about any shade imaginable – see real gold Roses. Different flowers come in a deep or bright yellow shade that gives a golden hue.

The gold shade is a rare color now seen on natural flowers creating a frenzy among flower enthusiasts. A bouquet of gold flowers speaks volumes when offered as a gift on that special occasion.

Gold flower names


how to grow marigolds in pots
Flowers with gold in the nameMarigolds in garden

Marigolds are stunning flower varieties that have lots to offer when it comes to color. Also known as Tagetes, Marigold flowers come in a wide range of gold shades including orange-gold, Yellow-gold, and saturated gold.

These flowers can grow up to three feet to 16 feet tall depending on the variety. Marigolds prefer plenty of sunlight and grow well in soil that’s slightly acidic and well-drained.

What to do with marigolds at the end of the season

Marigolds are annuals and will die off before winter. Simply cut them back or just pull them up. It’s a good idea to clear them out so that they don’t foster diseases or fungus that might infect other flowers and plants.


Grow from basket of gold seeds
Yellow-gold Basket of Gold blooms.

Scientifically known as Aurina saxatilis, Basket-of-gold flowers come in a pack of clustered flowers with bright yellow-gold hues.

They are perfect for landscaping and do well in rocky gardens. This flowering plant can grow up to 4 feet tall and grows well with full sun exposure. A basket of Gold flowers requires well-drained soil and balanced PH conditions for the best results.


Lantana varieties - gold and other colors
The reddish-golden color of Lantana flowers give striking contrast to other garden flowers

During spring and summer, lantanas grow in warm gold hues that blend super well with other dark-colored flowers.

With full sun exposure and slightly acidic soil conditions, Lantanas can thrive. If you can sense their strong scent in your garden, it means they are doing well.

Table – List of 10 golden flower names and their growing conditions

Yellow flower nameScientific NameBlooming conditions
MarigoldsGenus tagetesFull-sun, slightly acidic, well-drained soil.
Basket of goldAurina saxatilisWell-drained soil and balanced pH.
LantanasLantana camaraFull-sun and slightly acidic soil.
DayliliesHemerocallis fulvaWell-drained soil and low pH.
Fern Leaf YarrowAchillea filipendulinaLow pH and full sun exposure.
Gold Child IvyHedera helixBalanced pH, well-drained soil, and full sun.
Gold DustAucupa japonicaFull sunlight, organic rich well-drained soil.
Golden Princess AgaveAgave victoriae-reginaeBalanced pH, fun sun exposure, and well-drained soil.
Gold Dust CrotonCodiaeum variegatumFull sun, slightly acidic, well-drained soil.
Hawaiian Spider PlantChlorophytum comosumPartial sun exposure, balanced pH, and well-drained soil.


Daylilies bloom for just one day
Stella d’oro Daylilies

Daylilies are large flowers that bloom for a single day. What follows after are dead daylilies that yield new blooms the following day. Daylilies do well in well-drained, low PH soil and can grow up to 4 feet tall.

Fern Leaf Yarrow

Fern Leaf Yarrow - leaves and flowers cluster
Flower clusters of Fern Leaf Yarrow

For the best shade of gold, Fern leaf Yarrow is cross-bred with its counterpart Schellenberg. Together, they produce the most intriguing shade of gold which is further accentuated when the flowers are packed in clusters.

The Fern Leaf Yarrow plant grows up to 4 feet tall and grows well in low PH soil with full sun exposure.

Gold Child

Gold baby ivy propagation
Gold child ivy outdoors

This variety of ivy plants has green leaves with bright gold edges. Providing an easy-to-maintain indoor or outdoor plant, the Gold Child checks all the boxes. It does well in hot climates. As it grows, the bright gold hue turns from gold to butter yellow.

The Gold child offers a welcoming addition to a flower garden or landscaping. Ensure that it receives full sun exposure and properly drain the soil while ensuring balanced PH conditions.

Gold Dust Ivy

gold udts ivey plant
Green leaves speckled with yellowish tinge

Each leaf has this enchanting effect that can capture anyone’s attention from miles away. Its bright green leaves come with golden yellow patterns that resemble gold dust. It’s no wonder this flower was labeled gold dust.

Gold Dust Ivy should grow under full exposure to sunlight in well-drained soil with higher organic content.

Golden Princess Agave

agave victoriae-reginae in a pot
agave victoriae-reginae care care – a healthy plant has green leaves tipped with gold.

Its wide spineless leaves come adorned with golden-yellow edges that bring a beautiful contrast in any bouquet or garden. To grow the golden princess Agave, you’ll need plenty of water, space, and time. Their beauty develops slowly to become a rare sight at maturity.

For this plant to thrive, you need complete sun exposure and balanced PH, well-drained soil.

Gold Dust Croton

Gold dust croton indoor
Gold dust croton outdoor

Also known as the Sun-Spot Croton, this plant has oval-shaped leaves with golden yellow spots. Show off your gold dust croton by setting it up in a vase, or growing it where there’s plenty of direct sunlight.

For this plant to thrive, you need complete sun exposure and slightly acidic, well-drained soil.

Hawaiian Spider Plant

spider plant propagation

They are small flowers but big enough to get noticed. Also known as the Golden glow, this plant’s leaves feature a glossy green shade adorned with heavy champagne-like gold tones.

The Hawaiian spider plant grows well in balanced PH, well-drained soil with partial sun exposure.

Infographic: A List of 5 pretty real gold flowers

5 golden flower names and pictures
What are some gold flowers?

Gold Flowers Bouquet for Special Occasions

Real gold flowers can be used to breathe new life in otherwise pale-looking gardens or landscaping. Gold flowers also come as part of a bouquet to celebrate special occasions like engagements, birthdays, anniversaries, pregnancy and childbirth, and so on.

These flowers can include yellow roses, gold dust croton flowers, the basket of gold flowers, and lantanas among others.

5 Beautiful Yellow Flowers Names

Yellow flowers can also pass for gold. The only difference is how deep the yellow tone is to classify it either in the yellow or gold flower categories.

What Flowers are Yellow in Color?

Some of the other best-known yellow flowers include;

  1. Sunflowers
  2. Yellow Roses
  3. Yellow Zinnia
  4. Yellow calla lily
  5. Yellow Hibiscus

Yellow Flowers Meaning

Different flowers communicate different meanings. The color yellow generally represents happiness and symbolizes true friendship . In an otherwise dull place, yellow flowers instantly bring cheer. A perfect idea to increase the positive energy in any scenario. Here are the meanings of some yellow flowers:

Meaning of Yellow Carnation

Most people choose Yellow Carnation flowers to offer to mothers in celebration of Mother’s Day. However, these flowers’ true meaning expresses disappointment or rejection.

Sunflowers Meaning

Resembling bright shining stars, Sunflowers mean good luck, lasting happiness, and long life. In most cultures, the sunflower is an excellent way to express loyalty, admiration, and platonic love for a friend or family member.

What do Dahlia Yellow Flowers symbolize?

In a romantic partnership, offering Dahlia Flowers shows loyalty and commitment to your lover. These flowers are also a symbol of strength, elegance, and beauty.

What does a Yellow Hyacinth mean?

Their scent is enchanting, their color, even more amazing. But, the true meaning of the yellow hyacinth is jealousy.

What is the Yellow Lotus Flower a symbol of?

Lotus flowers come in different shades of yellow. From flowers that almost look white to deep yellow lotus flowers, whichever one is offered to you, it depicts spiritual enlightenment and eloquence. 

What Does a Gold Flower Mean?

In the early Victorian era, deep yellow or gold flowers were deemed unusual. They, hence, seemed to have a negative connotation. That has since changed. Today, new flower varieties come in irresistible gold shades that represent joy and friendship.

Anyone who offers you gold flowers means that they are glad to have you in their lives.

What are Some Yellow and Black Flowers?

Some yellow and black flowers include;

  1. Gloriosadaisies
  2. Deamii (Rudbeckia fulgida var)
  3. Yellow Tulips
  4. Dahlia (Mexican Black)

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