What Is the Most Popular Orange Flower?

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Orange bloom bouquets are a firm favorite
From orange Zinnia to Carnations there’s a complete range of flowers to choose from

Out of the many beautiful orange flowers, perhaps Tiger Lilies and Marigolds are the most popular. There is a huge range to choose from for your garden and indoors.

How Many Oranges Flowers Are There?

There are approximately thirty different flowers with orange varieties. The various types are distributed worldwide and grow in different climatic conditions. While some naturally grow in the wilderness, there are garden varieties to grow at home. 

Video – The 10 Top Most Beautiful Orange Flowers

5 Orange Flowers Names and Pictures

The fall season will never be more beautiful without the attractive orange blossoms. The beauty of the orange shade combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow to create a lovely attraction.

The orange flower symbolizes fascination, stimulation, encouragement, attraction, creativity, and determination. Some of these flowers grow naturally, but you can spruce your garden by adding some orange blooms. Here are some of the most beautiful orange flower images and names

Orange zinnia (Zinnia elegans ‘Queeny Orange’)

Zinnia petal are bright reddish-yellow
The titian colored Zinnia flower

The trumpet vine flower (Campsis radicans)

Trumplet Vine flowers are salmon-colored
Apricot-colored Trumpet Vine blossoms

Orange Impatiens (Impatiens walleriana ‘Sunpatiens Compact Orange’)

Apricot impatiens
Impatiens petals can be orange-tinted, through red or bright carrot-colored

The orange carnation (Carnation ‘Chabaud Orange’)

A bouquet of coral-colored carnations says it all
No collection would be complete without carnations!

The orange gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii)

Gerbera flowers come in peach as well!
Vibrant tangerine-colored petals of the Gerbera

Orange Flowers Meaning in Different Cultures

Orange blossoms have been bearing the same significant symbolic meaning since time immemorial. Although they hold different meanings across various cultures, the orange bloom generally symbolizes fertility, the reason why most people traditionally gift orange bouquets to brides on their wedding days. Check out some symbolic meanings of orange flowers among different cultures.

Orange flowers in China 

Orange flowers hold an important position in Chinese culture and tradition. Orange bouquets are common during special occasions like new year celebrations. Due to the solid Chinese philosophy, you cannot gift just any kind of flower on such occasions. Here are some symbolic meanings of orange flowers in China. 

  • A symbol of luck- the Chinese believe that an orange flower is a sign of good luck. They firmly believe that an orange rose bouquet is an ideal gift for the new year celebrations. 
  • A sign of wealth- wealth is one of the many philosophies and symbols of the Chinese. They use orange flowers to signify their belief in wealth. They prepare beautiful bouquets of orange roses and place them in their houses to represent their wealthy status. 
  • Charm and attractiveness- in China, gifting a loved one a bouquet of oranges flowers, especially during new year celebrations, is a unique way of appreciating their attractiveness. 
  • A symbol of the sun- the sun is associated with many good things. The Chinese relate orange flowers to the sun and the ‘Yang’ positive principle. A bouquet of orange blossoms also represents abundance and happiness. For this reason, most of the able Chinese use orange roses for their interior decoration. 

Orange flowers in India 

Indians use orange flower decorations at important festivals like Diwali and Dussehra. They hang glowing orange blossoms as a sign of good omen and offer them in rituals. Orange marigolds play a central role in all these festivals. 

Orange marigolds in weddings  

Orange marigolds are a significant part of Hindu weddings because they symbolize the sun. They represent positive energy and brightness. Using these marigolds is a sign of good luck to the wedding couple. According to their mythology, Hindus also associate these flowers with Lord Vishnu and goddess Lakshmi, who they adore as the perfect couple. 

Orange flowers in Britain 

Dating back to the Victorian era, orange blossoms hold a significant meaning in weddings and important occasions like thanksgiving and Halloween celebrations. In Britain, orange bouquets convey a message of passion, joy, and deep emotions. They provide a unique way to brighten up your relationship. There are special times when you can send orange flower gifts.

When to offer orange blooms

British use orange flowers to express different emotions at different times. 

  1. Send a bouquet of bright orange blossoms when you want to convey your intense desire and passion. Let the flame-colored orange blossoms do the job whenever you find someone irresistible that you cannot express your excitement and passion towards them.
  2. Gift orange flowers to lift someone’s mood. Orange flowers signify enthusiasm and positive energy, and you can get them to lift someone’s energy or your mood. They can motivate you and raise the energy in a dull room.

Infographic – Popular flowers colored burnt orange

Burnet orange flowers
Orange blooms come in many hues, from light to burnt orange

Orange Flower Identification

The most obvious way to identify any flower is by its color. Some orange flowers may have other shades of white, purple, or any different color. When identifying orange flowers, you can only classify a flower as orange if the most considerable portion of its color is orange. Like all other flowers, you can classify orange flowers by the following means to place them in their appropriate categories. 

  • Number of flower petals
  • Leaf arrangement; opposite, basal, alternate, or absent at flowering
  • Leaf division; compound, compound pinnate, compound palmate, 
  • Flower symmetry; radial or bilateral

The flower’s bloom season is another ideal way to identify different orange flowers. Some are annual, while others are perennial.

Orange flowers identification PDF

What Are Those Orange Flowers with Black Center?

Orange black-eyed susan vine plant
Black-eyed Susan vine has a back center surrounded by carrot colored petals

The orange black-eyed Susan vine (Thunbergia alata) is an orange with a black center; the black eye. It is a houseplant that grows well in warm temperatures but requires sheltering from the hot sun rays, especially the afternoon sun. It is fast-growing and will require vertical support to grow well. The vines twine around each other and support the plant vertically.

How to Grow Orange Black-Eyed Susan Vine

The black-eyed Susan vine, also called bright eyes or clock vine, is perennial, but some people grow it as an annual plant. It grows 3 to 8 feet tall and spreads up to 8 feet.

The plant thrives in medium moisture, well-draining rich loam soil with a slightly acidic to slightly alkaline PH; of 6.8 to 7.7. Under the right conditions, the black eyes bloom with beautiful orange or red flowers with a black center from summer to fall. 

Name a Plant with Long Green Leaves and Orange Flowers

Oraneg petals of the Canna Lily flower
Canna Lilies can be red or peach colored

Canna lily (Canna x generalis) is a flowering plant with green leaves and orange blossoms. The plant requires moist, fertile, well-drained soil to thrive but does not need extra pampering.

Its best preference is full sun exposure, but it can withstand partial shade, at least four hours of sun daily. A canna lily plant blooms from mid-summer to fall. Their mature height is 2 to 8 feet. 

Care tips for canna lilies

  • Canna lilies require over 59 degrees F to develop full foliage color
  • Water appropriately to sustain the fleshy leaves
  • They can bloom freely throughout summer, but you can boost them with fertilizers. You can do that during spring
  • Ensure full sun exposure 

3 Plants with Clusters of Small Orange Flowers

The orange trumpet vine, lantana, and butterfly weed all produce clusters of orange blossoms. The difference is that they bloom at different seasons and under varying conditions.

  1. Orange Trumpet Vine (Campsis radicans)-The trumpet vine plant grows best in full sun and requires shielding from strong winds. It tolerates various soil types but thrives best in soil rich in compost, manure, or organic fertilizers. It produces clusters of bright orange blossoms from winter that last through to spring.
  2. Lantana (Lantana camara)- lantana is a perennial plant that grows up to 6 feet tall and wide. It flourishes in well-drained soil with a neutral PH; 6.0 to 8.0 and full sun exposure. It produces orange clusters all year round in frost-free regions. It is also called shrub verbena.
  3. Butterfly weed flower (Asclepias tuberosa) is an herbaceous perennial that grows 1 to 2 feet tall and spreads up to 18 feet. It flourishes in dry, well-drained soil with slightly alkaline to neutral PH and full sun. It is also called orange milkweed and produces orange flower clusters in summer. 


When it comes to flowers, there is always something new to learn. So, here are responses to some frequently asked questions concerning the orange flowers.

What Flowers Are Burnt Orange Color?

Orange blossoms come in varying shades. Here are some burnt orange flowers

Common flower name Botanical nameBlooming season
DahliaDahlia spp.Dahlia flourishes in well-drained soil and full sun exposure. It blooms with burnt orange flowers from summer to fall. The flowers could be purple, pink, red, white.
ChrysanthemumChrysanthemumChrysanthemum blooms in full sun but can tolerate partial shade. It blossoms in July, September, and October. It thrives in any soil except for desert or pond soil. Kangaroo pawAnigozanthos flavidus ‘Burnt Orange’The kangaroo paw has green foliage and grows well in full to partial sun. It blooms in spring and summer with gold or burnt orange flowers. 
Bearded IrisesIris germanicaBearded Iris grows well in well-drained loam and sandy soils with acidic to neutral PH. They flourish in full sun, and their blooming season is late spring, all through summer to fall. 
AlstroemeriasAlstroemeriaAlstroemerias thrives in full to partial sun and blooms in early summer all through to fall.

What Is Orange Daisy Flower?

Orange daisy flower, also called Gerbera daisy, or Transvaal daisy, is an herbaceous perennial plant that produces orange, pink, white, red, or yellow flowers. Orange daisy blossoms in summer and fall. It is a native of South Africa and thrives in well-drained soil with acidic to neutral PH and full sun to partial shade.

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