What Plants Don’t Need Sun?

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Our selection of low-light indoor plants that don’t require direct sunlight or lot of light will help you fill your house with greenery and feel more connected to nature. These low-maintenance plants are ideal for your hectic schedules because they may flourish in indirect sunlight and don’t require frequent pruning or watering.

Therefore, you may decorate just about every room in the house, including corridors, basements, balconies. And window frames that don’t receive any sunlight or bright light, without having to worry, with these varieties of low light and no light indoor plants.

Name some indoor plants that don’t need sunlight 

Low-light houseplants are ideal for rooms that need a little bit of greenery but may not receive enough direct sunshine for most plants to thrive. The plants listed below can all flourish in indirect light, and most of them can also flourish in artificial light.

  • Devil’s Ivy
  • ZZ Plant
  • Chinese Evergreen
  • Dracaena
  • Weeping Fig Tree
  • Maidenhair Fern
  • Lucky Bamboo (good luck plant)
  • Tropical plants 

List some outdoor potted plants that don’t need sunlight

  • Coral Bells:

Coral Bells are superb low-light plants that thrive in settings of partial shade or even nearly complete shade. Always plant these lovely flowers in areas with low light levels because excessive heat and sunlight can cause their leaves to heat and shrivel.

  • Foamflower:

The Foamflower, a relative of Coral Bells, is another outdoor low-light plant. As opposed to their cousins the Coral Bells, these blooms don’t require as much sunlight.

Name some small plants that don’t need sunlight 

Small indoor plants are fantastic for a variety of reasons. They can be placed practically anywhere, can brighten even the smallest nook, and because of their small size, you may cultivate a wider variety of plants in a limited amount of area. Below are some small plants that don’t need sunlight or too much light.

  • Baby Toes
  • Aloe Vera
  • Jade Plant
  • Snake Plant
  • Cacti
  • Money Plant 

5 indoor flowers that don’t need sunlight 

  • Brahma Kamal:

Linked to so many legends Because it blooms at night, Brahma Kamal is well-known. This low-maintenance plant can be kept on a windowsill and requires either very little light or no sunshine.

  • Fuchsia:

Fuchsia is a lovely, delicate, two-toned flower that would significantly enhance the attractiveness of your home. In the summer, put them somewhere that is comparatively cooler. Boost fertility every two weeks.

  • Rosary vine:

Fluorescent lighting is ideal for rosary vine growth. The soil needs to be kept just slightly damp; it can tolerate dry dirt better than too wet soil. It thrives in temperatures that are moderately chilly and humid.

  • Wood Spurge:

One of the best plants that can be grown inside is wood spurge. Intense shade is not a problem for this house plant.

  • Barrenwort:

This flowering plant can also be grown in dry shade and with only a little sunlight. An aphrodisiac is made from the floral extracts that are produced.

What are some hard to kill plants that don’t need sunlight?

  • Jade plant:

Jade plants are fascinating, hardy plant that stand for wealth and fortune. They can be identified by their attractive oval green leaves and sturdy woody stalks. They thrive with very low maintenance.

  • Cast iron plant:

The cast iron plant may thrive practically anyplace in your home because it enjoys low light with no direct sunlight and isn’t fussy about humidity or temperature. It only needs a basic potting soil mixture and occasional watering.

  • Dumbcane plant:

It has big, showy foliage that will make a stunning statement in your house, and of course, it’s also tough to kill. Dumb cane plants only require moist soil (but not wet) and moderate to strong light to thrive.

Which plants that don’t need water?

  • String Of Pearls:

This lovely plant can last a few weeks without water because it stores water in its stems and leaves.

  • Ponytail Palm:

To display it, place it in a more sunny area of your house. As for watering, keep the soil dry. The Ponytail Palm prefers to have its watering done every few weeks.

  • Pothos:

People often pick it since it is fairly hardy (and quite attractive). It can tolerate low light and won’t mind if the soil dries out.

Are there hanging plants that don’t need sun?

  • Maidenhair fern:

Start with ferns if you’re seeking an eye-catching indoor hanging plant that doesn’t need sunshine. The walking fern is another name for the maidenhair fern because, when fully grown, it is quite long.

  • Prayer plant:

You can cultivate the prayer plant in a dangling basket within your sitting room. Prayer plants can thrive in low light, although they prefer indirect bright light.

  • English ivy:

English ivy is usually hung from a basket in the living room, which is where you’ll most likely find it. Remember that the stems can be as long as 15 feet. It may flourish in a basket off the ground and grow in dimly lit settings.

10 best indoor plants that don’t need sunlight 

  • Parlor Palm:

The lush plants known as parlor palms are perfect for your living or dining room. Although they may grow in low light, parlor palms thrive in medium light.

You don’t need to worry about keeping them too close to a window because they also choose shadier areas over light ones or partial shade.

  • Peace Lilies:

Another type of plant that doesn’t require sunlight and also purifies the air is the peace lily. The peace lily does, however, require routine watering. Additionally, this houseplant needs to be maintained out of direct sunlight to prevent harm to its leaves.

  • Spider plants:

This is without a doubt one of the most well-liked indoor plants and is quite simple to grow. Indirect sunlight is ideal for it and it can survive extensive neglect.

  • Snake plants:

Although they can handle a variety of lighting situations, snake plants prefer indirect lighting. It’s crucial to allow their soil to dry between waterings because they are susceptible to rot.

  • ZZ Plant:

The ZZ plant, also known by its scientific name Zamioculcas zamiifolia, has tall stems and glossy, deep-green leaves. This gorgeous plant loves deep, dark, shady areas and needs very little water. It is cheap to maintain.

  • Mother-In-Law’s Tongues:

The pointed margins of this plant’s leaves give it a distinctive moniker. These well-known plants should be your first port of call if you’re trying to figure out which plants can survive without sunshine or in low-light conditions. It not only thrives in the absence of sunlight but also filters the air in the house.

  • Chinese evergreen:

A fantastic “first-time” indoor plant for newbies is a Chinese evergreen. They can endure low light conditions, can withstand droughts, and don’t mind dry air.

  • Money Plant:

The money plant is one of the most well-liked low-light indoor plants. Because it doesn’t need a lot of sunshine, people keep this plant all over the household, even in the restroom. As the dark green leaves extend down, they also look fantastic in a dangling pot.

  • Dragon tree:

The dragon tree can survive in a wide range of lighting situations, including medium to low light settings, and requires very little water. However, too much sunlight could harm or scorch the foliage.

  • Iron plants:

Cast-iron plants require some indirect sunlight to develop, but they must avoid direct sunlight altogether. Cast-iron plants can withstand extreme cold and require little care to maintain their finest appearance.

FAQ relating to What plants don’t need sun?

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about plants that don’t need natural light/sunlight to grow.

What plants can grow without sunlight?

Several kinds of plants don’t need sunlight. Most of them are indoor plants. While some don’t need sunlight, others can grow without direct natural sunlight. But they still get indirect sunlight, even if you place them in a room without natural light. For example, peace lilies, money plants, and spider plants don’t need sunlight to grow.

Can any plants grow in the dark?

Yes, some plants can grow in the dark. Some of them are parasitic plants found in the wild, the rest are indoor plants. In the case of parasitic plants, they derive nutrients from other plants. But indoor plants require indirect natural light, though they can grow in very low-light conditions.

Can plants still grow without direct sunlight?

Yes, many plants can grow without direct sunlight, in both dry and humid conditions. Some examples are Dragon Tree, Iron Plant, ZZ Plants, and Mother-In-Law’s Tongues. In fact, some plants need indirect sunlight instead of direct sunlight to grow. There are dozens of plants that can grow without direct sunlight.

How do you keep plants alive in a dark house?

First, you must choose an indoor plant that doesn’t require sunlight. If it requires indirect sunlight, place it near a window where it can get at least some light. But if the room gets no sunlight at all, you must choose plants like Barrenwort, Fuchsia, Dumbcane Plant, and Cast Iron Plant.

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