Why Do Hummingbirds Like Red Flowers?

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Hummingbird like feeding from red flowers
Red flowers hummingbirds like

Hummingbirds love red flowers because they are a rich food source for them. The particular attraction to red flowers is due to the concentration of cones in the bird’s retina that gives a distinguished sense of color. The cones have a concentration of red and yellow pigments and oil droplets which act as filters. 

Hummingbird Red Flower Color Sensitivity

The cones can heighten color sensitivity ranging from red to yellow through the filters. The same cones mute dull shades of blue. As the bright color attracts the hummingbird, it turns out that the color is not the main attraction but nectar.

Nectar Concentration of Red Flowers

Scientific researchers suggest that hummingbirds will be drawn towards red flowers from their experience of finding the best and more nectar in them.

Although the hummingbirds can find nectar in the other flowers, a red flower is like a ‘food’ sign along a deserted road. Scientists also confirm that red and tubular flowers have the highest nectar content than other flowers. 

Lack of Competition for Red Flower Nectar

Unlike the hummingbird, other pollinators like bees and other insects cannot sense the red shade in the color spectrum; hence do not feed on their nectar. The lack of competition over these flowers contributes to hummingbird food in red blossoms.

Also, hummingbird-pollinated flowers typically produce nectar that is 15 to 25% sucrose, the best preference for this bird. That is why the hummingbird, a fast learner, is attracted to the red flowers.

Video – The top 10 most beautiful red flowers

Which plant have red flowers?

Beautiful Red Flowers

Red blossoms are associated with the heart and ultimately represent passion, love, and affection. They are among the most vibrant selection to plant in your garden as they will spruce it with a touch of beauty and magnificence.

Another interesting fact to mention about the red flower is that it symbolizes love and passion as well as feelings of rage, anger, danger, and violence. Here are some beautiful red flowers.

  • The red rose (Rosa)
  • Red pygmy water lily (Nymphaea leibergii Morong)
  • A red carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus)
  • The red tulips (Tulipa gesneriana)
  • The red dahlia (Dahlia coccinea)
  • The red hibiscus (Hibiscus acetosella)
  • Red calla lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica)
  • The red orchids or red helleborine (Cephalanthera rubra)
  • The sweet William (Dianthus barbatus)
  • The scarlet bee balm (Monarda didyma)

Small Red Flowers List

There is something attractive about red flowers, whether growing in the wilderness or your garden. While some have large petals, others are small but beautiful.

Most of them blend well with other blossoms to create outstanding beauty wherever they grow. Suppose you want to include red flowers in your garden; you can go with perennials, climbers, or shrubs. Here is a list of some small lovely red flowers.

Mask flower (Alonsoa)

Small red flowers - Mask Flowers
Pretty red blooms of the Mask flower
  • Dianthus flower (Dianthus)
  • Salvias flower (Salvia)
  • The poppy flower (Papaver)
  • Begonia flower (Begonia)
  • The Verbena flower (Verbena)

Dark Red Flowers List

There are many red flowers, with the dark red ones remaining top in the list. The beauty of red blossoms is beyond comparison. Some people attribute a combination of aggression and love to red flowers.

Some of these flowers grow naturally along the streets, but there are those you can use to grace your garden. Before settling for which flower to grow, check out these dark red flowers and their growing requirements.

Table – 5 flowers that have dark red blooms

Common flower nameBotanical nameGrowing conditions
Black magic red rose Rosa ‘Black Magic’The black magic red Rose is a perennial shrub that grows to 5 to 7 feet tall and spreads 2 to 3 feet wide. It grows well in well-drained moderately acidic, neutral, or slightly alkaline soil with Ph ranging between 5.6 to 7. 8.
The black magic red rose will bloom in spring, summer, and fall if grown in full sun. It produces showy dark red blossoms fit for cut flowers.
Black Baccara Red RoseRosa ‘Meidebenne’The Black Baccara Red Rose is a rose shrub that grows up to 90cm to 180cm tall and spreads up to 60cm to 90cm. It performs best in moist, well-draining sandy, clay, or loamy soils. The plant thrives and blooms well in full sun.
Under the right conditions, the black baccara plant blooms in the late spring all through summer to fall. It produces showy dark red flowers that attract butterflies.
Darcey Red English RoseRosa ‘Ausdecorum’Rosa ‘Ausdecorum’ is a shrub with a height of 60cm to 90cm and spread up to 30cm to 60cm. It thrives in moist, well-drained chalky, loamy, sandy, or clay soil with neutral, acidic, or alkaline Ph.
Darcey Red rose prefers full sun exposure to bloom. It blooms in late spring all to summer. This plant produces conspicuous, dark red flowers.
Red Charm PeonyPaeonia lactiflora x Paeonia officinalisRed charm peony is an herbaceous plant whose mature size is 3 feet tall and 3 feet wide. It grows best in moist, well-drained loamy soil with neutral or acidic Ph.
Red charm peony prefers full sun to partial shade to blossom. It produces red or dark red flowers in summer. 
Forever Young Red RoseRosa ‘Forever Young’Forever Young Red Rose is a deciduous bushy plant that grows up to 0.75 meters tall and spreads up to 0.65 meters within two and a half years of growing.
It can tolerate all soil types as long as it is moist and well-drained and has neutral, acidic, or alkaline Ph. Please do not plant a rose plant where one was growing previously. Forever young rose requires full sun to bloom. It produces dark red velvety blossoms every spring.
Chart with 5 dark red flower varieties

Red Flowers Names and Pictures

There are many red flowers gracing the earth’s surface, from annual, perennial to biennial flowers. Each flower will thrive in specific environmental conditions that may not favor the other variety. If you are looking for the most beautiful blossoms, this list of red flowers images and their names might be helpful. 

Cardinal Flower (Lobelia cardinalis)

Red petal of Cardinal Flowers
Cardinal Flower red blooms

The Bleeding Heart (Lamprocapnos)

Red Trumpet Creeper (Campsis)

Red trumpet-shaped flowers
The red blooms of the Red Trumpet Creeper look like trumpets!

Red valerian (Centranthus ruber)

Tiny Valerian flowers are red
Delicate small Red Valerian petals

Gerbera daisy (Gerbera)

The crimson flowers of the Gerbera daisy
Gerbera daisies come in red, pink and yellow varieties

Royal Poinciana (Delonix regia)

Royal Poinciana has red flowers
Royal Poinciana vivid red blossom petals

The Cockscomb flower (Celosia cristata)

Fine red petals of the Cockscomb flower
Cockscomb flowers have a particular unusual shape.

Red sunflower (Tithonia rotundifolia)

Red sunflowers large blossoms
Sunflowers can be many colors, red included

Perennial Geranium (Geranium)

Perennial Geranium crimson blooms

The sweet pea flower (Lathyrus odoratus)

Sweet pea flowers can be red
Red sweet pea flowers

Infographic – 5 beautiful dark red flowers

Red Flowers Meaning

Red flowers bear different symbolic meanings and convey feelings, including love and affection. Besides passion, red flowers can also show respect, courage, and desire.

Different varieties of red blossoms could also bear different meanings. For example, while red camellia is a symbol of love generally, it symbolizes a noble death to the Japanese

The different shades of red could have different meanings. For instance, a bright red rose signifies romance, while a burgundy shows the not yet realized love. Some of the well-known red flowers and their meanings include:


A red tulip represents perfect and true love. It is an ideal gift for celebrating essential occasions like easter and mothers’ day.


A red carnation is another symbol of love. A lighter tint of carnation means admiration, while the darker shade conveys a deeper passion, love, and affection. 

Other than conveying feelings of love and affection, red flowers could also mean danger, anger, or aggression. For example, a red petunia symbolizes anger and resentment. 

List and pictures of dark red flowers
Red roses are always at the top of the list of lovely red flowers

What Are the Prettiest Red Flowers?

The prettiest of the red flowers is the Ever Red Rose. This flower is attractive and a darling to many. It is widely used for decorations and as an ornamental among other purposes.

Ever Red Rose is considered the most beautiful red flower in the world. One main reason for that is that its beauty and elegance have stood the test of time, even with the discovery of other flowers. 

Ever Red Rose is the epitome of what a typical rose should be, which is why most people express love and affinity in a wealthy manner with this flower. 

What Is a Popular Red Flower?

The red peony is one of the most popular red flowers in existence. First, the many myths surrounding the flower contribute to its popularity. In Greek, the flower means bashfulness from the Paeonia and nymph myth. It means “king of flowers in China” and is used on special religious occasions. Generally, red peonies signify love, passion, honor, and respect. One fun fact about a peony flower is that it stays alive the longest.

Which 3 Popular Plants Have Red Flowers?

There are many plants that bear red flowers, but the most popular are rose plants, poppy plants, and Poinsettias plants. All these plants require special care and attention to flourish. 

Rose plants

Some rose plants bear red flowers from spring to early summer. A rose plant thrives in well-drained soil and full sun. Water the soil to retain moisture all the time. For best flowers, fertilize the plants regularly.

Poppy Plants

Some of the poppy varieties produce red flowers between April and June. A Poppy plant needs weekly watering though they are drought-tolerant. They tolerate any soil type but flourish in well-drained organic-rich soil. Thinning the seedlings helps to reduce food competition.

Poinsettias Plants

Poinsettias plant thrives in well-drained soil and full sun. When blooming, the plant needs partial shade and some of them produce red flowers. During the full bloom, the plant appreciates semi-cool, humid conditions and a lot of indirect sunlight.

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