What Do Purple Flowers Symbolize?

What is the meaning of purple flowers and what do they symbolize?

Did you know that different colors of flowers, especially roses, have specific meanings? The purple color has various shades representing different feelings and themes including love. There are various purple shades that people associate with love and relationship. Here are some of them with their meanings in a relationship.

List of flowers with purple flowers

  • Teasel
  • Salvias
  • Catmint
  • Verbena bonariensis
  • Sweet rocket
  • Alliums
  • Clematis
  • Wisteria

Purple Flower Meaning in Relationship

Purple Roses

A deep purple shade can represent a lasting relationship. It symbolizes deep passion between two people. Deep purple roses are ideal for couples celebrating their 25th anniversary. A lavender rose, which does not have any thorns, symbolizes love at first sight.

In a relationship, it can mean mystical love and enchantment. You can gift someone a bunch of purple roses to mark a long-term relationship with them. 

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What does a purple rose symbolize?

Purple Tulips

Tulips symbolize deep love. Giving a bouquet of purple tulips to someone shows the deep unconditional or romantic connection you have towards the person. A purple tulip is the best when you want to rekindle love in a relationship. 

Lavender flowers

Lavender is a symbol of devotion. It is ideal for giving to your partner to show your commitment to the relationship. If your partner is going through trying moments, gifting them a bouquet of purple lavender will send a message of support, love, and solidarity. 

Purple Hyacinth

Purple hyacinth is a symbol of remorse and apology in a relationship. The flower is named after hyacinth, Apollo’s love that he killed accidentally. If you feel like you want to apologize to your partner without too many words, a bouquet of purple hyacinth will be ideal.


Violet flowers send a message of love and faithfulness. It is the ideal present for a new lover when you want to communicate your strong feelings towards the person and remind them of your love and faithfulness to an old romantic partner.

Purple Flower Spiritual Meaning

The color purple spiritually symbolizes a high level of self-awareness. People associate it with vitality, third eye, sacred, higher self. It also represents passion and fulfillment. It enables one to connect with the universe. The sixth and seventh chakra, which govern intuition and subconscious, are purple shades. So, gifting a bouquet of purple flowers to someone undergoing spiritual growth would be appropriate.

Flower Color Meanings Chart  

All flowers have different meanings. Some are general, while others depend on culture and origin. 

Table – Meanings of different flower colors

Color of flower Flower meanings based on their colorsFlower examples
Yellow The flower for spreading joy and happiness. It is also a symbol of friendship. They can increase positivity in a room.Yellow tulips, roses, and lilies
Blue It is a symbol of love, inspiration, and desire. It also represents tranquility The color blue also means ambition and determination to achieve the unachievableMorning glory, cornflower, and hydrangeas White It is a symbol of purity, and innocence. It can also represent sympathy in times of grief. White flowers can also be bold and brilliant or self-effacing and gentle, depending on the bouquet one chooses.White roses, orchids, carnations, and daisies.
Pink Pink flowers symbolize gentility and happiness. They can also mean femininity which is why many bouquets in mothers’ day are pink. Pink flowers are a symbol of love. Pink roses, lilies, carnations, and azaleas

Red Red flowers primarily symbolize true love and passion. They can also mean courage, respect, and desire.

Red roses, tulips, geraniums, and poppies
Green flowersIt is a symbol of rebirth, renewal, or rejuvenation. It can also mean good health and good fortunes It is a sign of youthfulness. It communicates anticipation of new beginnings. It is ideal for gifting someone who is about to embark on a new venture or journey. It is also a symbol of optimism.Green roses, Green Star Gladiolus, Envy Zinnia, Green Chrysanthemum, Green Hellebores, and Cymbidium Orchids.

Do Purple Flowers Mean Death?

Some purple flowers like the purple hyacinth can mean death sorrow. Such flowers in a funeral setting can help the family come to terms with their loss. They are used to console the bereaved but only applies to few selected purple flowers like the purple hyacinth in most cultures across the world.

Gifting a mourning person communicates that you feel their pain even without spoken words. Some people also associate purple violets with death. 

Infographic – Meaning of flower colors

What do flower colors symbolize?
6 flower colors and their meanings

What Do Purple Flowers Mean in a Relationship?

Lavender or purple flowers, especially roses, are a sign of enchantment between lovers. It means that two people share in an almost supernatural love relationship.

Giving a bouquet of purple flowers to your partner sends the message that your affection towards the person is genuine and beyond understanding or explanation. Some people term it as obsessive flower color.

It can also mean unwavering devotion towards the relationship. Generally, purple flowers will communicate the commitment of people towards their relationships.

What Do Purple Daisies Symbolize?

Purple daisies signify thoughtfulness. Sending a bunch of purple daisies to someone communicates to the person that they are in your thoughts and prayers and that you wish they could cheer up. Purple gerbera daisy symbolizes pride and elegance. It is also a representation of feminine beauty. You can send a bunch of purple daisies to a lady if you want to appreciate their beauty and elegance. 

What Do Purple Wildflowers Symbolize?

Purple wildflowers are a unique mystery in the world. They have a wide range of meanings and benefits. First, purple flowers signify uniqueness, beauty, and opulence. The purple wildflower meanings vary depending on people and culture. For example, the lotus flower is sacred in Buddhism.  

Different purple wildflowers have different meanings and convey other messages. Lilacs communicate feelings of love. Purple carnations are a sign of inconsistency, especially in your devotion to something. Hyacinth flowers send a message of remorse and begging for forgiveness. The Black rose, which is primarily dark purple, symbolizes death. 

Purple wildflowers are a sign of success, wealth, royalty, luxury, and imagination. The meaning of purple flowers depends on the context. You can use them to gift people on occasions like graduation, anniversaries, weddings, among others. It can be a sign of adoration, respect, and appreciation to the recipient. 

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